Hello! My name is Abigail Lennah, although in real life I go by Abby. (The full first name is to create a distinction of the plethora of Abbys on the blogosphere. Believe me, there's about twenty-eight of us and IT'S HARD.) 

Welcome to Ups & Downs! If you are here for the first time via blog hopping, please continue reading the next paragraph, but if you are someone I know in real life, please visit and watch a short explanation on my end here or read this post here, as it pertains more towards the specifics of what I wrote and how it affects you.

This a blog I maintained for over five years chronicling thoughts and adventures from an incredibly shy seventh-grade middle schooler to a graduated high school senior. Hence the title. I initially blogged under a nom de plume. It is a project which possesses photos, rants, and some terrible puns in the process—a lot of it is terribly saccharine, but I am sure you can see this blog means a great deal to me. Although I no longer post anything new here, it is up for the time being as a place to peruse and exist as a living, breathing document of my past self— somewhat a monolith of sorts— as well as a place for reflection regarding other ideas, like troubles women face in society, awkward quotes stated at badly timed moments, and revealing one’s blogging self to the world. (Yes, all of these link to respective posts.) We do grow, and it's good to see that positive change.
Please feel free to explore around! I will occasionally check to moderate and reply to comments. However, if you would like to keep in contact with me, please visit my current blog, entitled Story-Eyed.