The Last Post of Ups & Downs (!!!) // Cringey Old Posts, Q&A, and Everything in Between

Hi, friends. Almost five and a half years ago, seventh grade me bundled on her dinner seat and grasped her computer. February rested on her face and cheeks.

She reset the WiFi chip implanted to refrain from breaking Internet connection and proceeded to spend three hours designing the site she wanted to be hers. A default orange background lit the screen. Names of fonts dashed before her eyes. Helvetia. Cranky. Cabin. She tested out each of the fonts— except for Arial, of course. Arial was the default and besides, who wants to read using that?

When seventh grade me clicked the screen, she didn’t expect for the world to open wide. Her words. Her canvas. Friends. Interactions. Experiencing firsts and sharing it with the world. All brought to life by the click of a button. When she said the world through her windowsill or ups and downs, she didn’t expect the summoning of encounters she faced.

Now, it’s all coming to an end of this chapter. New beginnings beckon, despite the bittersweetness of saying goodbye. This is the last time I’ll be posting on here, but before we do that and get to the long-awaited Q&A, let's take a look at some of my favorite posts. Click on the titles if you wish to explore them more! I've also included never posted photos (as far as I know), which give a bit more perspective on life offline and at work.

// Boredom (With a Hint of Laziness): Social Studies assignment featuring a note that says at the bottom, “Well, gotta go. I'm only on the 190 page of War and Peace, and that is definitely not a good sign.” Ah, seventh grade me, if you only understood the next one hundred pages would still consist of familial ties between all the characters and you’d stop around page six hundred… It is an admirable feat to tackle, ignoring the naivety fueling it, but you’ve left present-day Abby a bit terrified to try again.

// The Grown Up Pika: My first year of middle school consisted of a lot of new firsts with daily doses of childishness thrown in, but I did end up in a good place, taking many silly shots in Photo Booth, playing Human Knot, and establishing the basis of the friend group I’d grow up with for the next six school years who continue to call me by a mispronunciation blunder. (It's "pie-KAH," not "Pika-Pika Chu!")

// Fourth of July: A lot of early blogging photos consisted of food, and here is such an example featuring one of my favorite dishes: cheese and mushroom stuffed RAVIOLI.

// Team Saber: SO MANY MEMORIES WITH THIS ONE. Team SABER was based off an idea created in the lingo between the two middle school years and fueled by an insane amount of planning. Think of fantasy powers linked to government espionage and advanced scientific discoveries. This included daily meetings in teachers' classrooms with crudely drawn photos, Singamajig communication, and almost snorting chocolate milk out of our noses and onto the floor.

// Last Week In Pictures #2: Theatre and debate made up a large portion of this year and helped shape me into how I'd enter high school, so it's essential to include this.

// #Fangirling: I had an incredibly amicable relationship with all of my teachers in eighth grade. I had sassy but warm conversations with them, and often I'd get called out for being really loud in the middle of class dashing over ideas. Sometimes, I also got called out for recommending books which cause little sleep and forgetting lunch bags. (I'M SORRY.)

// First Day of School: This touches on the learning community I’ve been a part of for my English and Social Studies classes. A lot of this just shows how idealistic I was about everything. I learned to love this community for everything it had gifted. Looking back at it now post-graduation there were some irks which wouldn’t make sense unless one was immersed in it. Freshman me also didn’t realize how High School Musical would permeate her sophomore year…

// The Literature Photo Tag: One of my favorite tags I created featuring quotes from books and photography! If someone ever wishes to revive it—tag, you’re it! Just make sure to say it comes from here.

// The Hard Truth About Blogging: I remember going through blogging and hitting a point where I had to stop and question everything I was doing. It's the struggle between being an artist and the yearn to reach a wider audience, and if there is such a solution to dealing with all of this???

// Down By the Banks of Crayons and Nerf: BECAUSE NERF GUN WARS ARE THE BEST KIND OF WARS, tied with chess. Also, this isn’t in the blog post, but this includes the day I had to partake in one of the most hilarious but most stupid dares ever ft. a slobbery pine cone.

// The 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: This was one of the first writing accolades I received, which is a milestone where I sat. The feeling was insane, to be able to gain some recognition in the small arts community and being able to engage with other work, as well.

// Don't Say Beautiful: One of my most frustrated posts but also one of my best. As for the title, ENOUGH SAID.

// May Tidings: For some reason, I had a lot going on and didn't have much time to blog. Even though my blogging suffered as a consequence, so many bright immersive things happened at once. Accomplishment and satisfaction over everything I did filled up-- whether it was through dance, softball, or a production of Grease.

// Ideals Versus Expectations: One of the things I dealt with my junior and senior years was deteriorating mental health, and this showed a lot in my posts. I had to retreat a lot from the blogging world and take care of manners and problems arising off-line. This post marked a beginning of a hard journey which I still struggle with, but know it's okay to say you're not okay and you do need help.

// Morning Versus the (Not-So-Evil) Librarians: A play on a title of a childhood book! Library volunteering took up a lot of my time in the best way possible, and I'm so happy to have been a part of so many community projects which not only made a difference in the community but gave such an intrinsic impact on the volunteers itself. Plus, who can pass up on meetings with potato chips and bumping rolling chairs?

// In Which Morning Has (Another) Crazy Idea: Birth of the blogger yearbook!

// Dear YA Novels: This has got to be one of my favorite parody posts. YA Novels, where's that hot buff guy who ends up helping me discover I am the Chosen One of this Fantasy or Dystopia World and also being one of the guys in this LOVE TRIANGLE? And wow, did you say I have the SAME BIRTHDAY (!!!) and date of disappearance as the missing princess? Huh? I'm way past sixteen now.

// It's Time to Admit I Have a Fear: For the ones who feel terrified about sharing their creative corners of the Internet, this one is for you.

// Thoughts and Opinions Grow, As Do People: I wanted to write this post to depict the importance of healthy discussion, after hitting the limit of seeing so many heated debates going absolutely nowhere.

// Teen Art Council At the Museum? What I've Been Up To: Featuring digital art with Tiny Kitchen.

// The Melodies of High School // Playlists + Memories: For everything musical.

Now, for what you've all been waiting for: the Q&A! Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. I had to cut a lot of laughing and awkward pauses in this video, but I hope you guys enjoy and have as much fun as I did making it.

So, what is the future of this blog?

For now, it's going to remain up. I'm going to refer everything to Story-Eyed, but the archives will be open to exploring and as a sign to old friends who may not know I have moved. I'll slowly go through old posts and disable comments, and eventually, the blog may go on private with the link redirecting to Story-Eyed, the earliest two years from now.

To all friends who have stuck with me through this journey, I cannot thank you enough. You guys have been the lifeblood and have made this experience so much more enjoyable-- I have loved exchanging ideas and fangirling over book series finales with you.

If you wish to follow me along on the new step of this journey, I'd love for you to tag along. You can find me in the following places:


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*internet hugs* See you on the other side, Ups & Downs and friends. Stay strong and wonderful!

Signing off for the last time, xoxo


  1. This blog is incredible, Abby. Congrats on so many years with it. <3 I can't wait to see where you're heading in the future.

  2. *sniffles* I love looking back at memories. thank you for sharing your journey. may you continue to grow and spread light on the Interwebs as you embark on your new site.

  3. AWWWWWW. I'm just feeling really nostalgic right now because I remember the first time you commented on my blog and I found yours and loved it. Time moves fast.

  4. I love this blog, but I look forward to what you will do next. <3

  5. It feels weird because I'm practically just getting to know you? Anyway, your video was so ADORABLE and thank you for answering my Spanish question. ^^ xD

    Here's to your new blog!

    PS: You're actually a pretty decent speaker. I can barely talk about myself for 5 minutes in front of my class. LITERALLY. Not even exaggerating. My throat gets really dry, almost to the point of being cracked.

    And who want an ashy throat?

  6. Ahhhhhh it's crazy this is the last blog post on here. I've been reading your blog for at least two and just wow. Excited for story eyed. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  7. So proud of you and everything you have accomplished. <3

  8. I'm so sad to see the close of this space, but I'm so excited to see where your new blog goes! And happy 6 years blogging! It's crazy how time flies, isn't it?

  9. What a great look-back at all the things you accomplished! 6 years is a huge milestone, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do in the future!


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