THE HARDWORKING CREATIVE // On Inspiration, Goals, & Journeys With Hailey Hudson

Hi, friends! Today, I have a wonderful interview for you in store with Hailey, the blogger behind Hailey Hudson and the founder of The Hardworking Creative! Hailey is such a bright and humble human being who enjoys novel writing, softball, and fangirling over Broadway musicals. She’s also such an incredibly insightful person—let us listen to her discuss her latest project and her artistic thought process.

// Can you tell us what The Hardworking Creative is, for those readers who don’t know?
The Hardworking Creative is a new website/blog for anyone who's bursting with a dream. Its goal is to give young creatives the tools they need to make their dreams become their reality.

// What are some short term and long term goals you have in relationship to the site?
Short term, I want to focus on growing a tight-knit community of creative people who value hard work and who can encourage each other. Long term, I see THC expanding into merch, an ebook, and an online job board where creatives can find reputable remote jobs.

// Can you tell us what inspired you to form THC?
Since I'm not in college right now--I'm just pursuing my writing career on my own--there's really a tangible void in my life of people to create with. So I decided to go and seek those people out and create opportunities to collaborate with them.

// Where do you typically seek inspiration?
I find inspiration in any and every form of storytelling. I read books, I listen to Broadway soundtracks, I watch movies, and it all kind of gets mixed together in my head and then ends up helping me create something new and fresh and beautiful (or at least, that's the plan).

// What is one art form you’re enamored with but you don’t personally do?
Honestly, I think I've dabbled in just about everything over the years! Although I'm obsessed with theater, I've never had the time to pursue it the way I'd like to. I spend all my free time obsessing over Broadway, but unfortunately, memories of middle-school plays and my current work as a freelance voiceover artist will have to do because of my extreme lack of time.

// Do you have any words of encouragement for those lost on their artistic journey or feel external opposition pushing them away from their dreams?
Keep going, keep experimenting to figure out what's right for you, and remember that there's no rush. I used to feel this huge self-imposed pressure to do something amazing while I was young; I wanted to publish a book or be in a movie before I turned fifteen. But these days, I'm learning that there really is no rush--it's not a race. Keep pushing, but if you feel lost and need some perspective, it's okay to take a step back.

// Success is an elastic word, varying from person to person. In your own words, could you define your definition of what it means to you?
Success to me means achieving the (lofty) goals I've set for myself in every aspect of my life. As a follower of Jesus, though, success also means that I achieve those goals for His glory.

// How would you describe your artistic style?
In a word, I would describe my artistic style as "simple." My fiction is written in clear, simple prose; my photography is clean and streamlined; my blog designs are straightforward and uninvolved. I'm not an over-the-top person--I like things simple. (And I think I've broken a record for how many times I can use that word in one paragraph.) I find beauty in simplicity, and although my artistic style isn't flashy, I think it still stands out.

// What’s one significant thing you’ve learned from your journey?
I've learned the value of hard work. When I was fifteen, I decided to play softball even though I'd never played a sport or even really worked out before. Within a year of touching a softball for the first time, I had multiple college coaches recruiting me. And when I took that principle of working hard every day and applied it to my writing career, things took off. Excuse the cliche motivational sports quote, but although there may be people who have more talent that you, there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you. 

Have you checked out The Hardworking Creative? What have you learned on YOUR blogging journey? Do any of Hailey's answers resonate with you?


  1. Wow this was one truly inspiring interview, as an artist it can be easy to get our heads lost in the clouds but Hailey is a true inspiration of getting it done one foot after the other. And I also enjoy seeing what other artists think etc., thank you Hailey and Abby for this! <3

  2. I love THC! And Hailey, I hope you can do theatre again someday! Maybe we could meet in real life and see a Broadway show together! Which is your favorite?

    ~ Ella Marie

    1. I would LOVE that! Some of my favorites are Newsies, Tuck Everlasting, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, The Color Purple, Bandstand, and Wicked... but sadly, some of them aren't on Broadway anymore, lol. What are your favorites?

  3. Thank you again for featuring me, Abby! Always great working with you. 💜

  4. Love this! I'm so excited to see THC take off and can't wait for all the neat things Hailey has planned for us.


  5. This was super inspiring. I love seeing other girls chase after their dreams!
    p.s. Abigail, I tagged you for the lobster award on my blog if you feel up to it. XD

  6. Well now I just want to go do all the things!! I'm all inspired and ready to start a movement. :)

    Hailey is so cool!

  7. I've been following The Hardworking Creative since Riley told me about it. This interview was so awesome to read!


  8. This sounds so amazing! Way to go, Hailey :) Meeting other creatives is something I definitely need help with.

  9. This is a great interview, and one that's particularly much-needed for me right now. i'm currently looking at my GCSE options, so I'm very much thinking about the future.. I've always been a big dreamer but lately have been very negative about all my dreams thinking they are too 'unrealistic' and 'i'm never going to *actually achieve that*. This amazing website is just what I need to remind me that at 13 I shouldn't be closing doors and as my mum always says hahah 'I can do anything'.

    I'm feeling really inspired now, so thanks for that!!<3

    Lexie x

  10. I love Hailey! She works SO hard and is SO humble about it. She's awesome. :)


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