Adieu, Feburary! // Nearly Destroyed Dresses, Secret Notes, & TEAM HUDDLE TIME

Hi, friends! February has been an INSANE month-- a ton of collaborations, competitions, and inside jokes took place. I can't believe two months have passed! Everything is moving along so quickly and while I'm grateful so much is happening, it makes life rather bittersweet knowing that everything will drastically change in a few months. Here is what has happened!

Yes, there's overexposure, but this is one of the only photos I could have posted about Mr. Congeniality without revealing anyone's identity. Basically, the event is like a beauty pageant with a talent section, a swim and night wear section, and a q&a... except it's all guys and it's very comedic.

I found this while browsing the children's graphic novel section at my library. Personally, kid, I think Morse code using flash lights or a message in a bottle is much more efficient, but hey, I hope Colette gets your message! Kudos to you for your top secret code! I can't seem to decipher it...

 Ah, yes, your local moose of the week, coming to a library or school crossing near you.

Is this the color changing every hour chandelier in the library where the book competition is hosted? YES. Did the librarian purposefully turn off the light so we can bask in the colorfulness? UM, YES.

Book Competition // I’ve briefly mentioned here and now, but I enter a book competition every year. My brother jokes it’s practically a reading comprehension game, and while it is, I have so much fun doing it. My school has somehow always managed to place top three in the district competition and this year, we got third! And can we be serious for a moment? The key to team success are the huddles during questions. TEAM HUDDLE TIME! Team huddle time leads to success.

Senior Stuff // My cap and gown arrived and it’s such a weird feeling to think about how I’m graduating in May? In a robe? Nonetheless, I’ve been participating in other senior events, like attending Mr. Congeniality, which includes hilarious acts pulled by senior guys like eighties aerobics and modeling in coconut outfits, and attending senior breakfast (and making sure to grab enough sour cream because having only one tub of sour cream is not enough to feed over 500 seniors). Also, GIRLS WON THE SENIOR DANCE OFF THIS YEAR after watching them getting crushed by the guys for three. Years. In. A. Row.

Fun fact: I took this photo on top of a ten foot snow pile which not only did I manage to get my camera lens soaked (thank goodness it's okay), but the descent down involved me slipping and sliding right off the banks the whole time... in a dress. I'm not too fussed about sliding down in a full on skirt which almost got destroyed in the process-- in fact, it felt rather adventurous.

Declamation // Similar as the above, pretty much! Spanish poetry is what I compete in on an annual basis, and while I haven’t prepped for it as much as I have in the past, I still managed to place second at regionals! I love bumping into people I competed against in the past and just kind of fangirling / fanboying over how everyone’s been since we last saw each other. Now I have to go the state which is so daunting, ahhh!!! I’m huddling under the blanket folds as I type.

Acceptances // Speaking of senior stuff, I got accepted into some places for college! It’s currently my plan to go their directly after graduating, but it is possible it could change in several months. I’m not going to elaborate much on it now since I don’t feel comfortable sharing where I could potentially be going nor is the process over yet, but once everything is figured out I may mention it here in the future, whether it’s a brief mention or an actual full blown post.

Watched Black Panther! // A bit underwhelming on my end, but I still enjoyed it!

The Olympics // I mostly watched figure skating! Or, as we call it, "Oh my goodness that triple axel was so underturned like come on make sure you put enough power behind that spin you're going to have a technical foul WHY MUST YOU DO THIS?"

I participated in a school walkout. // But wait, some of you may say, I thought it was March 24th and April 20th? They are! The day before it happened, the student government president approached my friends and I at the library at partake in it. It was a crazy feat-- we fitted a ton of students outside near the flag pole, standing in silence for five minutes and standing for a total of seventeen minutes for each of the victims lost. Look, I don't want to start a political debate relating to anything about guns or people because I'm sure you're just as exhausted as I am at listening to debates. If you disagree with me, that's okay and I respect that, but if you want to pick a fight, please kindly leave. But because of some things that happened my freshman year in relation to gun violence at my school, I wanted to stand with everyone else. Action needs to happen.

I ended up posting a total of three times this month! If you click on the images, it should be able to redirect you to the posts if you haven't read them just yet! I'll try to make post covers next time...

The Smell of Other People's Houses // I enjoy reading books with overlapping perspectives! The lack of any significant historical backdrop setting (with only a brief stint mentioning Alaskan statehood) is what appeals to me, because not all multiple-POV stories are set behind a significant backdrop. There is teen pregnancy and drinking for those who are sensitive to that kind of story line, but it's handled with grace.

Hidden Figures // It was slow for the first half, but once it hit the space launch it began to really pick up. Definitely inspiring to see these women defy the status quo in a field and time period telling them they do not have a narrative worth contributing, when in actuality they did so much. 

Ties That Bind, Ties That Break // Chinese Cinderella was one of my favorite books growing up because I LOVED the backdrop of the setting. Looking into different cultures is one of my favorite things, and this book was no exception as I read about Aileen (Third Sister) and her defiance towards foot binding, which is such a painful process. It's a short book, but the prose just takes one's breath away.

Noteworthy // I'm a theatre girl, as a post from last week can probably attest, so seeing as this is a combination of both theatre and acapella in a protagonist I related a lot to, this was the perfect book for me. For those who are looking for a read with some fun pranks or want to delve more #ownvoices books, this will definitely fit right in.

Cahira // Remember this post about a senior project podcast whose episodes I didn't publicly share? Well, it's almost finished! I just need to adjust the mix, edit episode titles, and finally do one last listen through. I'm somewhat hesitant about linking to here, although it will certainly be up somewhere, since posting it online was the final end goal for when it gets graded. I do want to mess around with this idea of ghosts, spirits, and the realm they lurk in book form!

I got my writing awards certificates in the mail! // This post sums up what contest it is, for those who are unaware. My dad tossed a package into my room as I reviewed how to calculate parametric equations and I just remember hugging the package and feeling a bit wistful, because it is the last time I can enter the competition. I'm so happy, though.

Poetry // I've been delving more into poetry as of late-- as to whether I'll share it on here or not, well, we'll see!
How has February treated you? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I am really excited to see Black Panther! I'm a sucker for all Marvel movies. XD

    It sounds like you had a really fun months (and really busy). I WANT TO SEE MR. CONGENIALITY NOW. I've seen Miss Congeniality, and would love to see it gender-bent. XD

    1. Honestly, SAME. I cannot wait for Infinity War. It is going to be a blast.

      HONESTLY PLEASE COME VISIT ME TO SEE MR. CONGENIALITY. xD It's so hard to get inside-- you usually have to arrive thirty minutes early, and even if you do, almost all the seats are full. >.<

      xoxo Abigail Lennah

  2. wow man, sounds like a pretty packed month. i just uh. sat at home and did school the whole time. such productivity, i know. THAT LIBRARY CHANDELIER THO. I WANT ONE. GIVE ME THE PRECIOUSSS

    and congrats on all the awards!! that's pretty awesome to get in your last year.

    1. Life gets pretty hectic senior year!! And hey, a lot of times that's how my month is, too, just sitting at home and doing school. I'm productive but most of my time is occupied by the two big things. ALSO GOLLUM JUST CAME AND ASKED FOR THE PRECIOUSSS AND I DON'T KNOW WHO TO GIVE THE CHANDELIER TO?!?!

      I'm going to miss the competition, but alas, it must pass.

      xoxo Abigail Lennah

  3. This was such a fun post to read Abby! I do like that chandelier :)


    1. Thank you, Catherine! And isn't it? It'd be cool to sleep under the big chandelier. ^.^

      xoxo Abigail Lennah

  4. WHOA.

    Congrats on graduating soon-ish? And getting accepted!

    And you WRITE SPANISH POETRY, PORQUÉ NO DIJISTE?! Pensé no hablas español!

    I also liked Chinese Cinderella when I read it (but I didn't like the other books as much).

    And wow. School shooting... that sucks. As a person who lives in a country that's pretty gun-free, I definitely agree with you. Obviously, it's impossible to completely ban guns but access to them should be restricted. This is should be common sense :(

    1. HI.

      I'm terrified I'm graduating soon-ish??? And I don't know where I'm committing to just yet?

      Me habla español, pero yo leo mejor porque es más fácil a mi.

      I haven't read Adeline Yen Mah's other books, but I can see why they weren't as memorable as Chinese Cinderella...

      It's honestly terrifying to think that the country wants to arm teachers with guns. Like, the teachers here are somewhat daunted by the idea and it would just be incredibly uncomfortable. I'd feel less safe than before...

      xoxo Abigail Lennah

  5. I love the Olympics! They were so much fun to watch!!

    And, congrats, on everything! <3


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