May Tidings

May tidings have been plentiful for me! The summer vibe is ever-growing in my town. Despite the fact that I have been cooped within my room these past couple of weeks, frantically studying for finals and ready to embark on my summer journey, I have been enjoying, during the weekends, many social activities. Usually, anything which requires me to be in a room filled with people tends to tire me out within thirty minutes (Walk the Moon understands my dilemma when they say "talking is hard") but they are a nice change from my usual seclusion. Send me good vibes for when I take my finals this weekend, everyone.

One word: food.

A numerous number of seniors throughout the field area.

Here is a photo of my friend, entering in the bouncy house.

At the beginning of the month, I, along several other friends, ended up attending an the annual end-of-the-year party hosted by the school, which took place after the grade crossover assembly. There was a food line, along with many bouncy house activities-- the overcast hovering above our heads that day did not damper our moods. One of my friend's sisters challenged me to race against her through a bouncy house obstacle course, which I accepted, immediately entitling me to endure her taunts, bellowing, "YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE!"

 Waiting in line for the bouncy house.

Here's the sign depicting class colors! I'm not stating which one I wore and painted all over my face, though.

One of my favorite little attractions at the event which I wasn't able to capture a photo of was this mechanism known as the Wipe Out. Eight people would stand on platforms while attempting to evade two bars on an arm rotating both clockwise and counterclockwise. The top bar on the arm caused people to duck, while the bottom was one people had to jump. Many times, I jumped and would be knocked off to simply land on my head, something that wasn't entirely good for myself-- but the landing's impact was softened by the bouncy, air floor structure.

 The back of this coloring sheet had etches of blue, so we just called it, "The Side of Sadness."

There are a lot of kids in the studio I dance with, thus, the stuffed elephant.

Kids coloring backstage.

Our finished coloring project! It was a team effort to color.

On the seventh, I attended a dance recital to perform "Dancing in the Street" by Martha and the Vanellas, and "What is this Feeling?" from the musical Wicked, but little did I know that one of my friends from the production of The Phantom Tollbooth would be there! We decided to grab a stash of crayons and color various coloring sheets, and once we were tired of that, we resigned to playing chess. Chess was not something I was entirely familiar with, but the concept, for a long time, did intrigue me. Thanks to my friend, I understand how to play the game! It's a bit sad, though. Three people that I've known since I became an active participant in the performing arts community are moving away-- one to Texas, one to Wisconsin, and one to India. It does make me teary-eyed and sad that they're leaving, but I know they are starting a new chapter of their lives and I am keeping in contact via social media and snail mail!

How have I not had Cold Stone ice cream before? Now I somewhat understand the hype behind it.

My book competition team finally had a season-end party, even though the season ended several months beforehand. Our coach, the librarian, allowed us to each choose our own Cold Stone ice cream (I've never had any before), and eat within the library (one of the perks of being a book competition kid), while maintaining a facade that the library was still closed for AP testing. All four of us on our team, not including our coach, caught up and discussed some of the nerdiest references.

Japanese food is good.

It was a very Japanese-themed weekend-- completely unintentional.

On Mother's Day weekend, my family and I went out to a sushi restaurant, then afterwards, my brother and I watched the movie Spirited Away, which is now one of my all-time favorite movies ever. If you haven't watched the movie or any of Studio Ghibli's films, I definitely recommend for you to watch some of them. The plot line is weaved intricately, holding much substance within its numerous layers-- you won't be disappointed.

 The combined band and orchestra rehearsing.

Audience members waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin.

As a member of the audition choir at my school, I was required to perform at graduation, a daunting task because it was going to be broadcast throughout the entire state. This was my first time doing so, as well as attending one. The fact that people I know were graduating fazed me. Most of the people graduating this year I've known for years. The weight slowly began to dawn on me not just at graduation, but also as I listened to Senior Statements, greeted my book competition team member congratulations, and hugged goodbye to one of the seniors I have known since my early days of middle school. I simply cannot fathom that in less than a couple of years, I will be in their shoes, removing my graduation cap and throwing it up into the air.

 One of the coach's kids ended up making a string cup phone...

 ... Which he made us all try.

Anxiously watching the game.

 Team watching as the pitcher begins to release the ball.

The team gets one of its members to begin batting at home plate.

The softball season ended, and I can honestly say it was a rather profound experience-- it has been awhile since I've played a team sport, and the amount of growth which occurred throughout the entire season was exponential. I can actually catch and throw better than I did nearly two months ago, and my batting average is rather crazy. I don't know whether I want to continue with softball or start up again with track, but hopefully whichever sport I end up playing again, I'll be happy with it.

Lastly, I attended the Grease cast party, where I caught up with so many people (and talked a lot of the seniors). It was a nice day outside, and so our cast split up into two different teams to play Capture the Flag, whose name was dubbed to be Captain America: Civil War. 

The rules of the game were simple: no pushing or shoving can be involved, the "flags" (two gray sweatshirts) must be visible couldn't be tied to a tree, and the shortest person on the team had to be able to reach it. Since I was the shortest, it took some time to brainstorm a place to hide the flag, until one of the show's leads suggested to hide the flag within the passenger's seat of her car, which we all agreed to.

Team Captain America plans their strategy.

Team Iron Man frolics around with bubbles.

The game began with the montage where our team leader, acting as the titular character, said to the other team's leader, "I'm sorry, Tony. We can't be under the government control-- you're on your own." The beginning sounded intense, only to be bogged down to many swirling in circles as they blew bubbles. Another friend of mine and I were in charge of scavenging the forest area for any lurking enemy members, involving a lot of screaming and throwing of my camera bag. The entire day was so much fun, and by the end of the event, I came running into my parents' car, sticky sweat glazed on my skin, complaining that I was extremely tired.

Once vacation begins, I will be able to post more frequently! I haven't heard from you all in a while, so tell me what your summer plans are, when you're getting out of school, the whole shebang-- I'd love to hear about it.


  1. It sounds like you've been having lots of fun lately! Coldstone ice cream is sooo good, but I've always felt that it's kind of overpriced and they don't give very large servings, at least that's how it is in my town. I love that your teacher closed the library for "AP Testing"- that's hilarious! XD And aren't cast parties the best? I have one coming up in June and I'm super excited:)
    I'm slowly but surely finishing up school, one class at a time! Three down, three to go! I don't have any major summer plans yet, I'm just looking forward to having time to work on my novel, redo my blog, etc. :)

  2. Your May sounds so fun! I swear, I will never be too mature for bouncy houses OR coloring.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  3. love the pictures! you're very talented!


  5. Oh my goodness, your writing style though...! You have a real knack for telling real events like stories. And the pictures are so artistic-- I'm pumped that I found your gem of a blog!

    Also, suuuussshhhiii and pretty much all the food. Please give me all the beautiful food. XD


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