Artistically There & Back Again

Phew, boy am I tired from today’s events!

Lately the world has been a blur. I auditioned for the show Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. and was called back to do cold reads for the lead, Millie Dillmount, several days back, but was casted as one of the Hotel Priscilla Girls because according to the dance director of the show—who has been my dance teacher for several years—I was a bit on the short end to play Millie. Even though I’m a bit bummed by this, I’m super excited for this production! I can relate with the main character’s story a lot, and the music is quite jazzy.

This is the first time in three years that I have chosen not to actively participate in NaNoWriMo. The reason behind this is not because of my busy schedule, but rather because the novel series idea that I had in mind needs more planning. Several crucial points that are important need to be solidified and conceptualized clearly. I have posted a snippet from that novel series several months ago.

This morning I had to wake up early to perform with my school choir at our town’s holiday bazaar. The place was packed (it looks exactly like how Hollywood would picture high schools) and though the coordinators of the event wished for us to sing holiday music, our choir could not. Still, we were quite happy with our song pieces, which were "Royals" by Lorde, the Glee version of "Just the Way You Are" and "In My Life" by the Beatles!

Immediately after the event I had an hour of visiting several shops in our town. I stayed inside the car most of the time.

From store shopping I visited my theatre cast party! I only went during the first and last hours of the party due to my dance class schedule. It was still so much fun! For the first hour, my fellow Once Upon a Time friends and I all played fooseball, where my team lost.

Photos are blurred for the respect of privacy of others! 

Food design credits to the actor who played the Mathemagician. 

The second hour was spent with a very lighthearted game called Imaginiff. The basis of the game is quite simple: teams are trying to get to the center of the board by choosing the popular choice of a question based on a person. For example, let’s say the question was this: “Imaginiff Morning was a condiment. What would she be?” People would then try to place down their number choices.

Huh, I do wonder what condiment I would be. That is an interesting question.

Ciao for now, dear good friends!


  1. awesome post!

  2. Awesome post! Seems like you were having a busy day.

  3. Flawless photos, as usual darling. <3

  4. Your pictures are like woah Morning, just as expected from a fabulous photographer like you. You have such an interesting life, it looks like you have a lot of fun every post xD


  5. What a lovely post! It's so cool that you're in Millie, it seems like such a fun show. As always, I'm in awe of your theater involvement! Even if I had the time or the skill to be in that many shows, my city doesn't have that many opportunities ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. Wow, I love your photography! It seems like you've been ver busy!

  7. I loved hearing about all of the events that have been going on in your life recently!

  8. Lovely blog! :)



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