The Gift of Writing

My finger itches for that sensation
the flick of a wrist with a pencil at hand,
and all though I would rather prefer to
write with a runny pen, I am satisfied.

The notebook is about two years old,
or maybe three, but I’m not so sure
my fingers yearn for more—
more words, more writing, more
        contact with the paper.

My fingertips and wrist be alive, but 
a nagging voice in the back of my head
yaps quietly afraid
Afraid of the mistakes,
Afraid of writing in the “wrong”
Afraid of finding those who read it
     (even if it isn’t a journal or diary of 
     the sort.)

Because when I write with a pencil and
     paper, I feel as if I have the power.
     The power of being free to say what
     I want to say with mistakes and
  messy writing.

Even if my wrist hurts at the end of the day
it’s worth it.


(P.S. I took my permit test today… and I failed two points short. I may be able to take it again on Wednesday, when school starts because up again, or on Friday, and I’m sure I will do better the next time through, but to deny and say that I passed it one time would be lying to myself, so I’ve decided to enclose it here so I may remember it sometime soon.)


  1. I too prefer runny pens.

    - Ellie

  2. I love writing with pencil and pen, too. It seems so much more personal than typing.
    I'm sure you'll pass your permit test next time. Best of luck! :D

  3. This is awesome. And so true!

    I hope your permit test goes well!

  4. I love this, especially the last paragraph there. Writing in a notebook is like being able to write down thoughts that are too difficult to convey to people in spoken words, and one day if they do read it we'll feel over-exposed; but this abject honesty could be for the better. Writing really does give you a sense of power, because it turns thoughts into tangible concepts all belonging to you.

    The Life of Little Me

  5. I love pens!!! :P This was strangely satisfyingly haha

  6. Wow that is such good writing.

    I hope you get your permit!

  7. This is so awesome!!!!! <3 You are an amazing writer! I hope your test goes well!!!!

  8. I love this so much.... afraid of writing in the "wrong notebook"<--um, yes that is my life how did you know. It's the oddest thing to be afraid of but it is very much true.

    And as for your permit test...I can feel your disappointment, so *bear hugs and picnics*. I hope that it goes better next time (and it most likely will, since you've got the feel of things). Don't lose heart!

  9. This is so beautiful and I love it! I can totally relate.

    Good luck with your test :)

  10. This is GORGEOUS! Your word choices really paint a beautiful picture.

  11. I really love this :)
    Good luck with your permit test, I'm sure you'll get it the second time! I have taken the test too, but luckily I took drivers ed (book portion) before I took it so that probably helped me :)

  12. you: *being beautiful, vulnerable and poetic*

    me: *reads second line of poem* LOOK AT THE FLICKA DA WRIST

    This really is beautiful, though. Being a natural-born writer, I relate to this strongly.

    Aw, sorry about the permit test !:( I was so scared that I wouldn't pass my first time--and I didn't. Luckily I got two tries in one day and literally just barely passed on the second try (literally there was one question between me and my permit), so I know what that shaky, nervous feeling is like (or maybe you are totally cool when you take tests idk but I know I wasn't) Anyway, good luck on your next go round! I'm rooting for you out here! Make sure you study your brains out! (But not literally. Ew.)

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  13. This is amazing. I can really hear your beautiful and vulnerable voice. Thanks for sharing!
    ps. Good luck on your permit test! I took a whole bunch of practice tests before hand and they helped me. :)

  14. I love this! I agree with your feelings about writing :-)
    I hope you do well on your next permit test!

  15. Oh, I love your writing! It's wonderful that you like writing so much ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  16. I agree 110%. If my wrist wouldn't hurt after I've written, I would write forever.

    Good luck with your permit test.

  17. Wishing you allllll the best with your permit test!<3
    Also, I love that you love writing so much because I can relate to this so much as a writer xxx

  18. What a beautiful poem!

    I wish you luck on your next permit test!

  19. This poem is lovely. I too love runny pens; they always seem to have the best flow.

    Best of luck with your permit test next time - you're bound to pass it soon, with hard work and determination.

    Kate x

  20. I understand so much what you communicate here! The urging to write but perfectionism holding you back... Bravo in capturing these emotions!

    And you will get that permit, I know it! Good luck with school! My prayers go with you!

  21. Oh, I like this. I understand the fears you mention. And achy wrists--no fun.

    Also, good luck with your permit test retry! I know I was really nervous for mine.

  22. This is so amazing, I relate to this so much!

    Good luck with your retry, I'm sure you'll get it!


  23. Amazing poem! Defiantly something I think all writers can relate to :)

  24. Lovely poem :D You're very talented Morning!

    Rukiya XX

  25. hey girl! i submitted an entry on your designs page :)
    - azia |

  26. Hey, Morning! I replied to your comment on my Back to School Giveaway post, I'm not sure if you saw it. If you're still interested in entering, let me know! :)

    Emily // Lynde Avenue


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