Back Into the Swing of Things

 My family went out for pizza at a local restaurant the week before school started.

My cousin had her sweet sixteen party at the park.

Hey, everyone! I know that I've been absent from my blog lately; I wrote up a post last night which summarizes what has occurring in my life since my last post, but I decided to scratch and rewrite it instead. The draft  had a serious tone, and the weather is just marvelous outside-- no need to spoil that feeling, right? Sunny afternoons give me so many good vibes, it doesn't hurt to smile.

School has been okay, though it does have that downside of not being in any classes with any of my friends and being busy to the point of not eating lunch with anyone. It's the sacrifice I have to make in order to be in all of the necessary classes that I need to be in, and it does drag me because all I could talk about is school. That drives people away, but I have found new allies in some places.

What else can I say about the new school year? Well, Pre-Calculus I'm actually interested and invested in. It's the class, along with Chemistry, I really need to step up my game in studying. My language arts class I can continue maintain what I am doing. Two fun tidbits about my electives: my Spanish II teacher told the football players in my second period class straight up (but in a joking matter) that the school football team "stinks", which, for once, actually caused them to be speechless, and my choir teacher declared I have a vocal range of a mezzo-soprano but wants me to sing alto because of the overwhelming amount of sopranos we have.

Greek Lamb dinner is so delicious...
... as well as Greek styled doughnuts.

Outside of school, I have auditioned for two theatre productions, and two days after the cast list for one show came out, I became paranoid because everyone received an email from the production company except for me, and finally, last night, my mom had finally received an email from one of the directors. The most I could get is a small speaking part and become part of the ensemble because no one would be able to drive me, but well, that is life. If I'm able to keep up my grades, with an A average, I could audition for the next show, which is what I'm keeping my eye out for... Remember, singing about not needing a man in one's life is something that I love. :) Nether the less, rehearsals will be great and this show will be great!

For once, math actually looks... photogenic! 

I finally tried sipping Coke through a Twizzlers straw; if you nibble off the ends, there is a tiny hole, but it does work! It's literally the coolest thing ever.

That's all I have going; bye for now! I have a heavy post about that I know many could relate to.


  1. Woah! Coke through twizzlers sounds amazing! Unfortunately, I don't live in the U.S. so whether I'll be able to get my hands on some twizzlers - we'll have to see! At least school isn't so bad, although it can suck without your friends sometimes! Greek doughnuts!! Whaaaaaa!

    Anyways, it's ok for not blogging! We don't always have time for the Internet (as much as the generation above us think we do!)

    Miss Internet xoxo

    1. Oh and as always your photos were fantastic! That pizza though!!

  2. All your pictures on food in this post makes me sooo hungry (especially that pizza)! I hope you have fun in your theater productions! Even if you have a small part, just being in a theater atmosphere will be so fun and exciting!

    p.s. Now you have me wanting to buy some Coke and Twizzlers. ;)

  3. I'm glad that school has been going fairly well for you! :) THEATRE!!!!! Theatre is the best. Even if you just have a small role, it's oh so fun! And agh, twizzlers and coke! I still need to try that!
    Grace Anne //

  4. Well now I feel even worse for annoying you with my blog design. :/ I was actually going to ask you how is school, but the posts pretty much tells it all :) I'm starting my school on Tuesday and I am really not looking forward as I got way too comfortable with my lazy summer lifestyle. I hope I'll manage to keep my A average as well and I wish you all the luck with school and theatre! xx

  5. That pizza <3 Glad to hear that school is healthily challenging, but still fun! I need to try that coke and twizzler thing!

  6. That pizza is literally the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.

  7. wow that pizza is amazing this post just makes me so hungry :D

  8. Happy that school isn't going too badly for you! Thanks for this catch-up post, I've missed you! :)

  9. It's great that school is going ok for you! It's so cool that you get to sing the alto part, I feel like altos deserve a lot more recognition then they get. We would all be lost without them! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  10. I really love your snippets of words and pictures along with it because it feels like I am actually taking a peek into parts of your life. (Okay, that kind of sounds creepy but all I'm saying is that I like how you post :P) Like, do you always have a camera with you or something? XD

    Wow, you sound really smart!! Taking pre-calc...Gee whiz.

    As of now I have a mezzo-soprano range as well, and the good thing about our choir is that we actually have a section of mezzo-sopranos!! ^-^

    Hopefully you'll get bigger parts in the future, but smaller parts are good too because of the cliché saying: progress makes perfect.

  11. You will love chemistry! Its just awesome! OH MY, MORNING! You must be a math wiz, girl!!! <3

  12. I love these every-day photos. Thank you for sharing

    The Life of Little Me

  13. haha, you're right, math does look photogenic. FOR ONCE. :)
    it's good to know that you're enjoying school. it's going okay for me, math needs to perfected a little more, but that's okay. all those pictures are making me hungry now ^_^ and THAT IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. seriously though, that's smart. twizzlers for straws. now that's genius.

  14. Awesome pics! and great post ;)



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