I'm a Good Witch! I Think...

So here I am, sitting in my living room, typing up the last live post before I go and leave for vacation. These past several hours have been, surprisingly, been a roller coaster ride-- all do to auditions, going to the library, trying to get my school work together.

Over the weekend I attempted my best to memorize a monologue. I decided to go and choose a monologue from the book Lemonade Mouth, the part when Olivia Whitehead, the lead singer of the band, explains how she got detention. It was a fun piece to memorize, because I got to use myself to tell Olivia's story. (It was cool to see how she got detention-- detention! I never had detention before, and to act something that I am not; incredible.) 

My mom and brother went through a lot of places, too. We went to a library, a gym, and an Asian food bakery that serves delicious roasted duck. Most of the time, while at those places, I was looking and organizing my study guides I needed to bring on the trip. I am required to study on the trip because I am missing out on my school finals, which we are banned to take early-- how bizarre is that, trying to do homework on vacation? Crazy, I tell you.

Auditions today... what do I say? What should I say? Well, first thing is first: I saw so many people that I knew. The production was all joint based between the two high schools and a middle school over in our area, so when I went to the audition building, I greeted a bunch of people with hugs and fist bumps. A lot of the people that are people that I saw only several times a year, so when I do see them, I am loud. Real loud.

I waited for two hours and I still wasn't called. I sat, waiting, and finally, after going over to the vocals teacher and testing my vocal range, the acting coordinators called me up to audition as Glinda, the Good Witch. I honestly think that I could have done better, since I was fumbling on words during the monologue test, but what is done is done. I really do hope I can get that particular part rather than being a Munchkin. 

It sounds sour, but honestly? I want to branch out from being a part of the ensemble. I am grateful for every part that I get, I do think that can I bring out what it takes, but how can I bring out my true potential if my skills are being showcased for a limited amount of time on stage? I'm just going to pray and see how this will go.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas, everyone! Or Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, whatever you may celebrate. I will be on a bit on a hiatus, with my new design and last post of the year up and running during the last final days of 2014. The place where I am going has internet access, but since the place is far and not accustomed to what I am used to, my posting schedule will be wonky. 

Oh, and on a last note: my survey will be opened until about Friday this week. If you wish to fill it out or if you want me to put your link onto my Friends page, then please leave it in the comments, survey, or the blurb-de-blurb box below, as I have heard YouTubers call it. 


  1. Have a great holiday (or vacation)! I hope you have a great time.
    Good luck on getting the part. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. I know what you mean! I've done theater for a few years, and I've always been one of the pirates, or one of the townspeople. But last year I got to be the maid! Happy Christmas/ Hanuukah/ Kwanzaah/ Diwali!

  3. I hope you get a part you like in the play! Auditions are always stressful...thankfully you're going on a vacation. :)


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