November Summary

How is everyone today? My brother and I are having a hearty time watching Brave and having a movie character battle between Fergus, Merida's dad, and Stoick, Hiccup's father. In November I have been quite a busy person, mainly because of NaNoWriMo! After so days having to catch up from my word count, which I have been very much behind on and a main reason for my absence, I have finally won and written a 50,000 word novel! I'm so sad to have finally let Bee's story come to an end, but starting next year, I will be rewriting and editing so that about 75% of my novel has been polished before I let beta readers begin to critique.

Another thing that has happened in November is that I have watched Big Hero 6 twice: once with my friend Kristi, the other time with two friends from my school who's names, out of their request, I will hide out their respect. The first time, as you have read in a previous post, I went to go and reunite with some of my friends. The second time I went to go and watch the movie, it got sold out at five in the evening. For two hours, my friends and I stalled the mall where the movie theater was at, spending lots of time in Hallmark and Claire's! I love the Hallmark store; it's all squishy and cheesy but it's cozy and welcoming, which makes up for it. 

My brother, who has not seen any movie in the theater for a month, had tried to do a Baymax fist bump with me today, and he said, "Ba wa wa wa wa." Very disappointing.

My family and I had a rather laid back Thanksgiving with friends. This year, I am extremely thankful for all of the friends and people that I have met; they have changed my world, and I am a much outgoing sweet person because of all of the new things I have tried this year. While shopping for clothes, I bumped into one of those friends and we talked for a quite some time. During that weekend, I had bought a camera, a Canon Powershot ELPH SX600 HS, if I am not mistaken, as well as Just Dance 2015! My entire family loves this game; we played it for about several hours yesterday and today.

Over all, this had been a great month! I can't believe that December marks the ending of the year. Time sure flies by fast! Before I know it, it will be a year since I had first stepped into that audition space for The Magical Adventures of Merlin and have breakfast for dinner. However, I will be busy next month. The first half of December will be dedicated studying for finals, while the second half is dedicated to riding amusement park rides! I am going on vacation for Christmas. I won't post much, but I will try to have two posts in January about how my trip went.

Also, can you all please go and fill out my blog survey? As the year wraps up, I want to hear from you-- the readers-- as to what I can do in order to make this next year of blogging better! Thank you!


  1. Your book sounds really interesting.

  2. I took your survey...and I really want to get Just Dance 2015! I really love that game! :)
    -Lauren <3


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