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Update: This was meant to be published yesterday, but the scheduling of the post went wacky before I left.

Before I go to watch The Maze Runner or Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day with my family, I will go and announce the winners of my writing contest! Today, I really have no excuse if I post this lately, because all I have been doing is stalking the Box Office box all day, as well as watching Once Upon a Time and Legend of Korra. Here are all of those who entered and their beautiful entries! 
Morning Kay

I have to tell you that it was very hard for me to choose the winners, because all of you ladies wrote amazingly. But I have to announce a winner. Okay, so in third place, the winner is.... are you ready? Lizzie! Here's her entry!
You looked around to see
As a fall colored leaf fell gently.
Could you make yourself understand
That this land,
Your heart was not meant to be?
You need to leave, to go and see
The places you have dreamed.
Where you stand in this land
Your heart does not belong.
You feel a need to push away
What you have held for so long.
Can it be done? Can you go?
A question burns inside.
If home is where the heart is,
Then you must decide.

Isn't her entry lovely? It's about the choice of either leaving or staying home, and it's something that, I think, everyone will have to make the choice to someday. Great job! :)

Writing Contest

Now for second place. The second place winner is... dun dun dun dun dun dun... Jollygirl!

You hurt everyone. 
Your friends,
Your family,
Your words
they were piercing
And, they didn't go away
staying there 
right there
a scar
forever and ever
And your lies,
they brought you down
as the truth was 
You betrayed 
hurt them
for yourself.
I see you
at your lip,
Guilt flooding into your
in realization of what 
have done. 
There is no way to erase
can't take it 
the sun will rise
a new chance,

Beautiful! Staying positive for the new day. ^.^ Here is your button:

Writing Contest

Now for the first place winner! The first place winner is.... are you ready for this? I can hear the drum rolls... but not from you! Drum roll, please! Dun dun dun dun dun.... Morning Kay!

Dear You
A Short Story by Morning Kay
Dear you,
My mom always tells me that writing something down is better than brooding on it; Writing helps you move on with your life... Especially if you write letters. So, here it goes...
The thing is, you annoy me way too much. I wish you wouldn't follow me around, trying to get me to play pretend... That drives me nuts. You're almost as annoying as my little sister and boy, is she relentless...
So please, go away.

Dear you,
You asked the teacher to change our seats today so that you could sit beside me. I'm a joke now. Everyone knows you're the goofy nerd who likes reading too much and now that you asked to sit by me, people think we're friends.
As if I didn't get beat up enough.
And if that wasn't already bad, you stood up for me! You tried to get those guys to stop picking on me and I just got made fun of more... I'm a guy, you're a girl. You shouldn't be taller than me, smarter than me, or braver than me...
Please, just go away. I don't want to play pretend.

Dear you,
I finally gave in. I played pretend with you, but only because you wanted to play Star Wars! I love Star Wars!
To be completely honest... I had fun. When you asked me if I wanted to come over sometime to watch the movies, I didn't say no. ...And I wasn't lying.

Dear you,
I think we're friends now. At least... that's what you said we were today. I don't know how it happened. At first I hated you, then I tolerated you, and now we play together every day.
I like being around you, so… don't go away.

Dear you,
It's been a long time since we became friends... But not once in that time have I ever seen you cry.
You were crying today.
When I tried to talk to you, you just yelled. When I tried to ask you what was wrong, you just cried harder. I didn't know what else to do, so I just hugged you.
It was all I could give you and I'd like to think it helped.
My mom said yesterday that your dad left, but I’m not so sure what she meant. I wonder... is that why you were crying?

Dear you,
You come over to my house a lot more now that you and your mom are all alone. Now that your dad doesn't read with you, you ask me to.
I don't like to read normally, but with you, I don't mind. We usually only get halfway through the story before you start inserting your own ideas and just make up your own endings.
I think you should just write your own books. I might read those.

Dear you,
It's been a couple of years since I've written. I haven't  had to. I didn’t need to get you off my mind until now.
You've stopped talking to me.
I don't know why... I mean, I know we aren't kids anymore, but I still feel like you should at least tell me if there's something wrong. I hope it's not something I did… I hope that I'm not old news now that we're older and you've made more friends. In fact, you have more friends than I can count. I can't stop thinking about it, but I'm afraid to confront you. I almost feel like we're close enough that I should know... but maybe not close enough for it to be my business.
We are still friends aren't we?
Geez... You're starting to annoy me like you did back when we first met. But this time, please, don’t go away.

Dear you,
He broke your heart yesterday. You know, the reason you stopped talking to me... Yeah, that insecure jerk dumped you!
I figured it out when I saw you crying in the hallway. Obviously, I rushed over to see what was wrong since that was just the second time I had ever seen you cry.  But this time when I asked you what was wrong, you didn’t yell… You were confused. You asked why I should even care.
I laughed at that and told you I was your friend and would always care.
That's when you told me what had happened, and this time, hugging you was not the only thing I could do. Let's just say that when you asked me today what happened to my hand, I didn't smash it in a door like I said... I just haven't had enough experience punching people to know how to do it properly.
Yet something still bothers me about the whole situation... Of course, I care about you, so why would you ask me if I even did? I care... I really do!
You know that, don't you?

Dear you,
We graduated yesterday. We've been going to school together for years... It's where we met and played. It's sad to let it go. I'll go off to college and you'll go off to “write brilliant stories in far off lands”. Yes, the pursuit is quite unrealistic and very... well, you. That's why I'm sure you'll be a success.
You told me we had to keep in touch… So maybe once you're gone, I'll get around to sending these letters.

Dear you,
I read your latest book. I always thought you'd be good at storytelling but this really takes the cake!
I'm sure you're doing well... Even if you don't reply to my letters.  I've written you every day but I only send a sole few. Most letters I write get tucked in with ones like these; The ones I write to keep my mind off of you.
But that's getting harder and harder.
Please, don't go away.

Dear you,
I was starting to get worried... If it weren't for your books coming out, I would've thought you were dead! I haven't gotten a single reply after every letter I sent you. I always wrote it off as a mailing problem or something... But as the years have gone by, I figured you had just moved on. Even still... I wished many times that you would send me something other than silence. I don't have to wish anymore though, because I saw you today in the supermarket.
saw you.
I called your name without thinking it through. I probably should've taken the lack of letters as a sign that you didn't want anything to do with me. I'm glad I didn't.
You were so happy to see me... Your smile is exactly the same but your eyes are full of adventure now. You’re beautiful.
We talked a long while, your arms full of a few gallons of ice cream, which is just like you. It was then that you squealed in a sort of happy realization and pulled two stacks of envelopes from your bag.
All my letters... And all your replies.
You apologized for not sending them but, you had them for me now. You handed them off, saying we should get together soon and I happily agreed. I've read the letters through the whole night in order, and I'm amazed that through all your adventures, you still remembered me. While you've been out finding meaning in your life, exploring the creation of God to its farthest corners, and living your dreams, I've been here writing you letters.
I hope you won't ride me off as mundane now that you've decided to stay for a while. I wish the very best for you... I'm glad I can see your face again.

Dear you,
Your mom told me it would be alright if I...
Well, asked you to marry me.
But I don't know how! I feel like a kid again... I'm so scared of how you'll react. I have this sinking feeling that you'll reject me and that's the last thing I want.
I love you.

Dear you,
You said yes.

Dear you,
I couldn't help but ask you if you missed seeing the world now that we’ve settled down.
“Not at all,” you said, looking up from where you and our kids were playing on the floor. “More than anything, I've missed playing pretend!”
That's funny... So have I. I love you so much.

Dear you,
I'm sure it's hard for you taking care of the kids alone, especially when they're so young and... eccentric. I hope that I can get out of this hospital soon. It sure is boring without seeing your smile all the time and now when I do see you, you're always so sad. But, don't worry... I'll get better soon.
I love you.

Dear you,
I've been in the hospital for longer than I thought... I hope that this won't last for much longer and I have a feeling that it won't...
But not in the way I've been hoping.
I've been thinking about the days when we used to play pretend. I still remember your laughing face. You don't laugh much anymore... But I hope you will. Promise me you will.
Stay strong. I love you.

Dear you,
I read your letter.
Well, I guess that should be plural, shouldn't it? It was a series of entries, but I almost feel like it was just one long letter. The letter of our life.
I have to say... It was fun to read them. I don't know how you'll react when you find out, but... They made me smile.
I think it's about time that I sent a reply.
It's funny... Did you really hate me that much when we were younger? I'm sure I did seem like quite the little pest, huh? I'm just glad that I eventually got through to you. Also... I'm sorry about the times I didn't talk to you, and especially when I went away and didn't send my replies. To be honest... I was afraid to send them. I felt so stupid and inadequate and was afraid of what you might think, but reading these letters of your own, I guess you know the feeling. But nevertheless, I'm sorry for my selfishness and I'm especially sorry for not recognizing your friendship for what it was when you were still with me.
You passed away a year ago. I found this book of letters around that time but didn't read them. I was still too hurt. It's only now that I've gotten around to it.
Now, without you... Well... It's hard. We miss you and... I'm very lonely. I haven't been writing nearly as much. After all, it's no fun playing pretend without you. But I'm staying strong... Just like you asked.
Someone once told me that writing something down was better than brooding on it... That writing helps you move on with your life.
But what if that's not always the case?
What if now I'm writing to remember; to relish in a world where all was perfect but no one even knew it. What if I'm writing to go back to that world of make-believe where children still laugh and play pretend.
Tell me, love... Why would I want to move on from that?
I love you and I miss you.
Wait for me; Don't go away. If you promise me that, I think I'll be alright.
So goodbye for now, my love, my sweet, my friend...
Dear you.

Congratulations! Morning, here is your button!

Writing Contest

And please also give a great big round of applause to AliahKatLauren, and Chloee for their entries too! Please check out all of the participants' blogs; I actually go and read through their blogs from day to day, and they are amazing! But don't leave just yet, because I have a button for all of your runner ups! I made a button for you all, too! :)

Writing Contest

Thank you all so much, guys! Have a great night! Up next: my theater adventures during the production of The Three Musketeers!


  1. Congrats winners! You all totally deserved it, especially you Morning Kay! Amazing entry! Thanks Morning4time for having this amazing contest. I really enjoyed writing my entry and reading everyone else's. :)

    1. Hey, Aliah! You're welcome! Your entry is beautiful. Don't stop writing! :)

      xoxo Morning

  2. Congratulations winners :)
    Hey, I tagged you for the seven deadly sins tag

    1. Sweet! I'll see if I can fit it into my November schedule; I'm going to be so busy, that whether I do it or not can go either way. But thank you for nominating me!

      xoxo Morning

  3. Thank you so much for second place! All of these entries were so fun to read! A lot of people in the blogging world have a lot of writing talent!

    1. Yes! This is one of the many reasons why I love our blogging community; it's filled with so many talented writers who are stepping up to show their writing to the world-- and presenting your works for everyone to read is hard, especially if it is something close to the heart.

      xoxo Morning

  4. All congrats to the winners! I love Morning Kay's entry, great job! X
    - June

  5. Congrats winners! Beautiful entries. ;) Morning Kay, you've got talent!


    1. :) They're all beautiful amazing lovelies! :) Everyone in the blogging community, really.

      xoxo Morning

  6. Great entries! Never had time to enter :( next time though! You chose well though, I can imagine how hard it is!

    1. It's okay, Oakstar! In fact, I have several ideas on another writing contest coming up... ;) And it was hard, indeed! I sat in front of my laptop for several days, so stunned and trying to think on who to choose.

      xoxo Morning

  7. Congratulations to everybody! All the entries were really good. :)

    1. They are! It was extremely hard to choose, just like I told Oakstar. :)

      xoxo Morning

  8. The buttons are wonderful :) Thanks for making a runner-up one! Thanks for having this contest!


    1. I tried to put the runner-up button on my sidebar, but whenever I try to do it, it shows up as "third place winner", and I also tested the other buttons and they show up the same way. Is this an error on my part?

  9. Oh my goodness, the winner's entry almost made me cry. It's so sad and beautiful.

  10. Gah! I've been super busy lately and I just now saw this! O//-//O I'm so flattered that you gave me first place! Thank you so much, Morning! I'm touched beyond words... (But I have to say I'm a bit self-conscious about the length now. ^-^)
    Everyone had such beautiful entries! Oh my goodness! Thanks again for hosting this, Morning! It was so much fun!


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