The Three Musketeers

Recently I had just finished a production of The Three Musketeers. If things were different, I would still be performing, but I couldn't because of some boundaries blocking me. Dealing with having to drop out (especially since I landed a major) has been real hard for me, and now school has been so hard for me.

My grades are all right, but I'm not happy with my life and how it is right now. I'm steering away from something that is a part of me, and it's like in the Golden Compass by Philip Pullman, when the General Oblation Board was cutting children's dæmons; the part of one's soul that is outside of the body and that takes a form of an animal. It's painful.

Let's leave the angst and talk about how the production went.

There were three people from my last show that I knew, which was great! It made it much easier for me to interact with people, whereas the first time I joined the theatre company, I basically stood in a corner, reading whatever I could scourge to find in our rehearsal space. A majority of everyone else were in middle or high school, because our play was much more mature than our showing counterpart (I won't give the name, but it revolves around furniture and a rose). For the first week of rehearsals, I was silent, but after that, I became super loud and outgoing. 

Everyone there is super sweet and supportive! We are all awkwardly strange in our own ways. One time, I talking to some of my cast members and then all of a sudden, the male leads started to say, "Hey, don't speak! Let's only speak in interpretive dancing." We actually all did, and it was funny! 

Unlike the previous production, this was a dramatic show and there was no singing. Despite my parents saying musicals were better, I stayed with it. I had never been in a dramatic show before and I needed to carve and cultivate my skills. In fact, I was given a small role which appealed to me greatly: I was a "lady friend" of Aramis. The idea of playing a character who was the polar opposite of me just felt refreshing. In other shows, I would always land strange roles-- a grandmother who baked cookies, a narrator who spoke of the Northern Lights, one of the witches from Macbeth, and an evil knight that works for Morgana.

There was still a lot of singing (with the song Rather Be being performed during the show), and, as a bonus, everyone there was completely photogenic! We would end up hacking into each other's phones and spam each other with photos. When we finally got our phones back, we would look at the person all like:

Surprisingly, I am posting a lot of Pride and Prejudice photos! Now for some actual pictures I took before the actual shows! The four below were all taken on my phone which does not have good lighting and exposure, so bear with me.

 During rehearsals, we all have this habit of drawing with highlighter...

These were my first ever Birthday Oreo cookies, which half of them in the package that were bought had the design part facing inside the cream.

Now some pictures during our free time! In between shows (some days we have to perform two shows in a row) we would all go to a mall that's several blocks away from our performance theater. Excuse how I keep taking many photos of the backs of a person's head.

Watching as the actor playing the antagonist try to win himself either Beats headphones or a Kindle Fire... hey, innkeeper, your head is there!

The twins and Aramis.

Hi, Innkeeper and Monsieur de Treville! The twins and I have been looking for you all for several hours!

The full cast in the loading dock area. Yeah, there a lot of other photos of different people posing strangely... :)

I'm absolutely grateful for working and meeting this lovely cast and hopefully someday, I will have the privilege to work with all of them again. I can't wait to see all of these people on Sunday! We're all going out to watch a movie and possibly, my friends and I will finally host our photo shoot then!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you are veering away from theater, but it sounds like you had fun this session! Keep on smiling :) Oakstar


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