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About a month or two ago, I asked two bloggers, who were somewhat new to the blogging world, whether they wanted to do an interview and be featured on my blog! Today I got the chance to interview the lovely Jollygirl, who blogs over at Reflections of a Jollygirl! I've sort of known her before she began blogging; both of us tend to comment on the Discovery Girl forums. I was originally going to post this several days ago, but then I decided not to realizing that Jollygirl wouldn't be able to see it (she was gone, and now is back, from the Discovery Girl summit). Anyhoo, without further ado, the interview!

1. "Introduce yourself. Tell us your hobbies, personality, quirks, whatever you think is important when you first met someone."
J: Hi, I’m Jollygirl, a tween-aged ambivert who likes to be as optimistic as she can! I’m a bookaholic, an aspiring poet, a musician, and a blogger! I’m one of those people who values kindness as an important trait and always strives to be kind. I try to find a lesson in life every time a moment happens. I try to look on the bright side of things (even though sometimes I can't).

2) So, you're a musician! What instrument(s) do you play? Do you play with a band or orchestra, or perform?
J: I play the piano. I also used to play the flute but stopped. Other than the piano, I like to sing. I’m thinking of going to singing classes soon. I don’t perform very often. When I was playing the flute I was in a school band and performed 4 times a year. For piano, I’ve only performed 2 times which is odd since that I’ve been playing piano for 4 years. I’ve also sang on stage even though I have never taken singing classes (well actually I took one but it was a different kind of singing and it ended.) The reason why I performed singing was because I joined lots of singing groups!

3) Was there one act of kindness that is significant to you, personally?
J: There was one act of kindness from someone else once. All of my friends really wanted to play this one certain game which had running in it (running makes me cough). All of my friends said that I could play something else or just sit out until the game was finished. One of my friends however, said that she wasn’t going to play the game if I wasn’t going to play. What she did might not seem like a big deal to you readers but I thought it was really nice of her.

4) Earlier you said that try to find a lesson in life... what is your favorite life lesson, and why?
J: “Treat others like you would want to be treated” I know all of you have heard of this lesson before and probably think its cheesy-but it’s not. It is an amazing life lesson that everyone should know. My family and I refer to it as “the rule of thumb”. I like this lesson because it makes people recognize that they are treating people badly. It makes you think “would I want this done to myself?” before you do something to others.

4) Can you give your own definition of optimism, and how does it affect you?
J: Optimism definition- I think it is a way to look at different kinds of things positively! Optimism is something you can choose to use and I do! I try to turn pessimistic thoughts into optimistic thoughts! Optimism affects me a lot. It turns your frown upside down! For example just this morning I was really happy but then I realized my follow button was not working for a few days and I was not able to fix it. This was kind of upsetting because I had received several messages from people who wanted to follow me but couldn’t. I tried to turn this into an optimistic thought and I did! New thought: While my follow button is getting fixed I have more opportunities for people to follow me on bloglovin and by gmail! Always see as your glass half full rather than half empty. So I think optimism basically just affects me by giving me a positive point of view and turn sadness into happiness!

5) What do you hope readers get out of your blog?
J: Well, the whole reason why I started this blog was for my voice to be heard. So I basically hope readers get my thoughts and points of view out of my blog. I hope that people can come to my blog to relax for a bit and have some fun! My blog is a trip into my mind. My thoughts, my experiences, etc…

Thank you so much for doing this, Jollygirl! ^.^ Please stay tuned for the next interviewee, who will appear in several days! Also, I have no idea what I should do blog-related when my birthday hits... so now, I've put up a poll over on the sidebar of my blog (under the accordion button) and you guys can help me decide! Have a happy Labor Day, everyone!

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this interview with me! The questions were awesome and the whole way you organized is just....FANTASTIC!!! Thank you!

  2. Amazing interview guys! Thank you for sharing. :)


  3. Nice interview, guys! :) I thought you'd like to know, Jollygirl, that I'm following you via Feedly, now!

  4. This was a wonderful interview, it was incredible of Morning to do this!

  5. Amazing interview, guys! Jollygirl, I didn't know you played the flute! I will definitely be looking forward to the next interview you do.
    -- Rebecca (

  6. Awesome interview!
    Also I tagged you for the big helper award. Do you mind if I share your blog around for it?

  7. Hey, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! :)

  8. Hey MorningTime4! My name is Ellie from Your blog sounds awesome and you! Keep up the great work! Please check out my blog! Thanks!
    -Ellie (or Bernie)

  9. Hey! Great interview! I'd love to be interviewed once, too... :P I have a similar life lesson: there are too many people who don't think before they act and end up really hurting others' feelings....

    Yasmine | Cloudy Dreams

    1. Wonderful interview! You should do more. Love your blog! Definitely going to follow. Make sure to follow my blog,
      P.S. I am eagerly awaiting my blog design!! :)


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