Blog Party + Writing Contest Details

Huzzah! I'm proud to present to you the rules and regulations for my blog party and writing contest! Can you feel the excitement in air, everyone? I do, and I'm just shaking. I know most of you voted to do everything, but the schedule I have for this week would not allow it (mainly it is because of my two essays that are due, added on top of rehearsals). So, I will only be able to do these two options, plus possibly a video, if I can download the correct software onto my laptop. Well, let's not leave you there hanging; here are the details!
\\  Blog Party

The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life

I have hosted nor joined a blog party before, so I am going to have to just wing it! In exchange for you guys doing this, I will put your button on my sidebar for about three weeks before relocating it to my "Friends" page but after I update my blog design. The blog party will end on October 5th.
+ Post about the blog party on your blog with the button image above included.
+ Answer these ten questions:
1. What do you love about the fall season?
2. If you walked in a mall and saw a guacamole chip hat, would you wear one or eat it?
3. What is one of the most frustrating or aggravating things in the blogging world?
4. Would you rather build a snowman or sing in the rain? (See what I did there?)
5. If you had to chose how you were a part of a theater or movie production, would you be: an actor, props designer, set designer, light/technical director, audio coordinator, costume director, music director, dance coordinator, stage manager, or a part of the audience?
6. List your blogging inspirations (blogs and people).
7. Do you think you could commit yourself to a Halloween costume made of lint, or a Halloween costume made of bubble wrap?
8. Do you tend to photo bomb people's photos, or divert from them?
9. What is one word you constantly have to keep looking up the definition to?
10. If you wrote an autobiography about yourself, what would you call it (if you couldn't place your name in the title) and why?
+ Place the link to the blog party post in the comments section below.
+ If you don't have time to post your answers on your blog, alternatively you can place the button in your sidebar and answer the questions in the comments.

\\ Writing Contest

The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life

Unlike the previous writing contest I hosted, this contest does not have a topic. You can write about anything that you want, as long as it is not too long or contains anything that would be labeled as PG-13 if we had to put an MPAA label on it. Please make sure that it is your own work, and if you add photo from Pinterest or another website you label and give credit where it is needed. Also, add this button above your entry. I will announce a first, second, third place winners and several honorable mentions, but I will also place links to your entries. Write your entries on a post and post the link in the comments section. The deadline will be on October 5th, and winners should be announced on October 8th, three days before the big day. Not my birthday, though! Dun-dun, DUHNNN.

Good luck to you all! 

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  1. Okay... I'll do both XD Please forgive me if I am slow on entering...I'll have to tape a note to my face or something to remember haha!!

  2. Whoop, me again! Tagged you on my blog!

  3. I entered! Here is the link for both the writing challenge and the blog party :)
    They are at the end in case you were wondering. ;) Make sure to follow my blog. :)

  4. Entering :) I'll do the questions this weekend, but I'm not sure I'll be able to write something for the contest. I'm going to try anyway :) Is there a limit for the word count?

    1. Posted the blog party here:

  5. Oo, those sound really coo! :) So, Morning, I have a question for you - well, two actually. ;) I know you do theater...I'm really interested in doing theater this year and I need to have a one minute piece prepared for auditioning, comedy or drama. Do you have any suggestions? And also, I really, really want to do drama but I'm also very nervous so any random advice, etc. would be very much appreciated. :) Thanks! :)


    a free mind

  6. :)

  7. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award:
    Also I will be doing these:)

  8. Here's my entry for the blog party (:

  9. Here is my entry for the blog party:

  10. I'll do both, sounds fun! Hope you don't mind if I do them both in one post. ;)


  11. Hey, I'm new to your blog and it's pretty cool - you write really well and your design is really pretty!
    Oh, and do you want to follow eachother's blogs? Let me know :3
    Much love,

    My blog, The Blog Hermit

  12. I feel like I've been living under a rock or something, having not seen this until just now... O__o
    But anyway, This is such a cool idea, Morning! :D I'm so excited to see the entries! I hope that I can find the time to enter into the contest and party it up as well. ;)
    Thank you for hosting this and Happy Birthday!!! ^-^
    -Morning Kay

    1. Okay! Here's the link for my entries!
      Again, thanks so much for hosting this! It's so much fun! :D

  13. Happy Birthday Morning, I totally did this ( it's was so fun:) check it out here>>
    Blog on // June

  14. Happy birthday, Morning! I had loads of fun doing this blog party; thank you for hosting it! (Since I don't have a button, feel free to not put anything on your sidebar.)

  15. Here is my entry for the writing contest! :)

    -Lauren <3

  16. Here is my entry!!!!

  17. Hi Morning! You have no idea how many times I tried writing out this post for you but I just didn't have the time. I guess since I do right now, I'll just answer your quesitons here!

    1. The weather. The scenery. Autumn it literally my favourite season.
    2. Eat it. I'm a hungry girl.
    3. Bloggers block. I hate it when that happens.
    4. I've never built a snowman... I would like to do that.
    5. A costume designer, set designer or actor. Although if I had the choice, I would be the playwright. That's what I always am in school play prodctions.
    6. Ruby. From Feed Me Books Now. She's my one inspiration. I love her blog posts so much.
    7. I love bubble wrap. I would love to dress up in a costume made of bubble wrap too.
    8. My friends and I photo bomb people all the time :) I love photo bombing.
    9. I don't know... seriously. I can't recall anything.
    10. Sass At It's Best. Life of a Teen.

    And there you have it! My answers. I'm just putting up your button on my sidebar now...

  18. I hope I made the cut off! Hahaha!

    Love, Katrina

  19. Here's my entry sorry it's late!

  20. I just wanted to tell you I LOVE YOUR NEW DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep it, okay? lol ;)


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