50 Facts About Me-- Again!

About a month ago, I was nominated by Kat to do the 50 Facts About Me tag. Most of these facts that I have listed are a collection of facts about myself that I have been saying for the amount of time I've been blogging, so it's like an encyclopedia of it. Later, this is where I will be referring people to look when I update my about me page. Without further ado, the 50 facts!
  1. Two of my favorite stores to visit are Barnes and Nobles and Michaels.
  2. Pitas and strawberry banana boba (aka bubble tea) are some of my favorite delicacies! Yum!
  3. Usually I involve myself in anything having to do with the arts and sports, but lately, I've been leaning towards the arts. Thus, the reason why I am outside of my house in the afternoons and evenings a lot. It may seem like a lot, but I like to keep myself busy!
  4. Something I loved in my childhood is (guess what) Pokemon.
  5. When I am feeling cranky, I use intricate vocabulary that no one can really interpret.
  6. A quirky skill that I have is being able to do double digit multiplication and division in my head in a matter of seconds and get the answers right. That's how I earned my title of being a walking human calculator.
  7. I'm a really awkward person in general.
  8. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream flavor.
  9. I am a pretty independent.
  10. My personality type is an INFP on the Myers-Briggs personality test.
  11. Something I do tons of overachievement, but some days it's like, "I need a break and enjoy life in relaxation for a bit." You know the feeling?
  12. I am described, nicknamed, and look a lot like a Pikachu, a reason why I am feeling nervous just thinking about that author picture that will appear on that book blurb or book flap. Another reason why I prefer to be called Morning. >.<
  13. My favorite color is orange. People may hate me because it's the color orange, but I'm strange like that.
  14. I'm old-fashioned.
  15. When I'm older, I'm not sure what I'm going to be, but I know this for certain: I will have my novel published before graduation and I will go to a prestigious university. When I get back, all of the activities that I used to do--play volleyball, participate in youth theater-- I'm going to volunteer and help those guys out. It's me giving back to them because I'd the amazing stuff that they've done for me. 
  16. I am not shy-- I am just reserved and quiet around people. Or, as my personality type profile puts it, I am not "trusting". At school I'll just be all quiet while I read, study, and do my homework over lunch at the place where my friends and I hang out, quietly talking to them as I do those activities. When I'm out in the community, I'm shy-- at first-- but then I'm 25 times more outgoing than normal, and I would talk to people about pretzels and wave to people, screaming, "HI!" Most people at my school, when I tell them this, they're like, "HAHA, very funny. You are nothing like that!" But in actuality I do, probably because at school, you HAVE to be there for school and though my school, throughout the entire town I live in, is said to have the least air of judgement, that sort of air still hangs. There are times when I am outgoing at school, but it's very rare.

  17. Pikas are my favorite animal, despite the mispronunciation accident revolving around it.
  18. I wear glasses only when I'm looking into a screen.
  19. If you gave me a choice between staying inside reading and writing, or going outside to the community to play volleyball or do theater, I would choose the latter. The reason for that? Look at the next fact!
  20. The background behind my blog's URL is quite simple: I am stuck at home a lot. For some people, that would be amazing (for them it would mean endless hours of Twitter, Tumblr, and watching some shows like Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, etc.), but for me, it stinks. I could be out doing something, but in reality, I'm inside with nothing to do. A lot of times I would sit very bored and watch the world go by outside through the windowsill located in the upstairs living room. In this year, 2014, I love how I know can go outside way more than I used to. Hopefully 2015 and the following years are just the same.
  21. I don't watch that much television, simply because I lack the time to do so and have very little interest watching it live.
  22. I'm a klutzy person. Watch me walk at home as I trip walking up the stairs, or at school, I tend to door my graphing calculator that shouldn't be dropped because graphic calculators are expensive.
  23. This will sound weird, but something that bothers me are open doors when I'm on my laptop. Not like the metaphorical doors that were sang of in Love Is An Open Door, but physical doors. Especially if the bathroom door is open with no one in there. I do not want to see what is in the bathroom, so I get up and close that door a lot, along with closet doors.
  24. I'm a Libra.
  25. I get nervous when I have to perform by myself and lots of people are watching. With multiple people on the stage with me, there is no problem.
  26. I'm short for my age; I'm about 4'11"! I'm doing tons of stretching to make myself grow taller (which is somewhat helping; I grow about a half inch every three or four months). My dream height is 5'4", but even if I settle at 5'1" or 5'2" I will be an extremely happy person. (Come on, just one more inch to reach the five foot line!) Am I insecure about my height? Nah. Maybe sometimes, but if people have a problem with my height, that is their problem and something I would appreciate they would keep to themselves. That's not the something you should judge me by!
  27. I keep saying I love the arts and sports, but if I have to be specific, I love theater, writing, and volleyball (not necessarily in that particular order that was just laid out).
  28. Quirky sayings I have said throughout my life are, "Drat!", and "Shish kebabs!", but lately I have been saying, "Whoop whoop!" That always mainly occurs during rehearsal. I'm not sure why.
  29. My favorite music genres are folk, pop (not today's pop; I mainly like most pop music made in the 2009-12 time period), indie, and about 95% of what are in TV/movie scores.
  30. ...I'm an awkward person, if you haven't noticed. Two days ago I was doing interpretive dancing with some people in my cast because there was nothing better to do. It was fun.
  31. My favorite season is winter! I know people may find this weird, but I like Black Friday (it's where you buy stuff the day after Thanksgiving real early) not because of the shopping; I just love how despite the fact that the town is covered in snow and it's three in the morning, everyone is going on with their day-to-day schedules like they don't lack sleep.
  32. When I was about eleven or twelve, I had an obsession with manga.
  33. One of the most amazing childhood memories I had was during our free time at this camp I'd attend, everyone would go grab those spare water noodles hanging behind the handheld kicking targets and start "sword fighting". It was chaos, but amazing. XD
  34. I'm Filipino.
  35. I despise coffee. All I got from it was a jittery rush. How is it supposed to be good, exactly? Thus the reason why I prefer frappucinos.

  36. I once had a pet fish named Nemo. I was about six or seven when I had him. 
  37. If I were a spirit animal (this was a question asked by me yesterday which I just impulsively said a random answer), it would be a mix between pikas, a ferret and an otter.
  38. I'm right-handed.
  39. If I had a superpower, I would have the power to heal people.
  40. A fictional character I'm like... well, two characters from two different novel universes that I made are completely different. One of them is analytic and very closed, while the other is rather creative and does things on impulse.
  41. If I was allowed to have any occupation, I would either take up the role as a nomadic traveler and learner. At the same time, I also can't deny the fact that when I was younger, I would have LOVED and ADORED the idea of becoming an actor or an actress.... sometimes, I still dream about that.... :P
  42. Before I graduate, I want to learn how to speak Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. So far I am mastering Spanish, and I'm sitting in class, thinking to myself, "Pshaw, I got this!"
  43. Also, before I graduate, I want to play the guitar and piano, plus improve my singing voice and my ukulele skills.

  44. I don't like wearing makeup that much. If I can only show you how I look with and without makeup! But I'm not allowed to take pictures of people's faces, mines or someone else's. I need to protect people's right to privacy.
  45. My favorite fruits are grapes and oranges. My favorite fruit always changes!
  46. I have a crazy sweet tooth.
  47. Everyone looks to me for the leader role, which intimidates me. I try to be a leader, but to be honest, it's very hard role that I have to take on.
  48. Riding on boats terrify me.
  49. My favorite childhood books are The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.
  50. I'm out of the house doing theater related activities when I'm not working on school work. Something that I know I can't do as a working job is work as a music, theater performer or anything that revolving around that, and honestly, that's the one of the areas that I am most relaxed and comfortable in, just right behind writing. So, what I am doing is that I'm trying to train myself in the arts until I graduate, and I'm going to keep studying on my own time and keep learning and training so that way it doesn't feel as if a part of me isn't breathing. Despite my stage fright, performing is something that I love doing and I don't want that aspect to be gone from my life.
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