The seats for my mom and grandma's flight were all booked by the time I decided I wished to go on their trip, so in the end, I was left at home and instead, spent all of last week at the Energy camp at the local university!

I was the first girl to arrive. For five minutes, I was sitting in a little ball, wondering if I was going to have to be the girl who has to dominate and stay strong in a room filled with guys. About twenty minutes later, there were seven more girls who arrived. (Close call there!)

Our professor that week gave us a brief summary about different types of energy, then told us to pair off into groups, come up with a name, and write it on the board. I was paired off with two girls who knew each other from their school. For awhile, we just sat there, not sure what to call our name. One of my team mates decided, because there were no other choices we could have chosen, to be called the Purple Pandas.

Our first experiment for the week? We had to see how much energy we can convert by burning marshmallows off marshmallows using washers, an empty soda can, tin foil, wires, and metal. It sounds a bit boring, but it turned fun when we built a huge fortress of tin foil for our team to see. Plus, we were working hard to beating everyone else. Right before the final seconds of burning our final marshmallow, we decided to change our name to-- wait for it-- ...The Flaming Marshmallows!

The girls in my group were awesome. In fact, most of the girls in the class were. It turns out, the people in my group knew some of the people I knew from their school, so we got to talk about them a lot. They were real nice too; we spent our spare free moments watching The Fault in Our Stars trailers and drawing on the Paint app on the computer. With the girls from other groups, we basically grabbed lots of duct tape for our project and joked around tons. My group drew this tidbit of a quote:

Recognize which reference we got this from? 

Sadly, we didn't win for the first competition that we had. Our group was determined to do so, though!

On Thursday, our entire class was able to tour the new constructed building for the university! We got the full gear that the workers at the construction site had: the orange vests, a hard hat, some glasses, earplugs and gloves! I couldn't take any pictures during the tour; they weren't allowed!

A informative page about the new building.
Our final project for the week revolved around seeing how much our energy would be stabilized around our turbine and solar panels that we received, with winning an actual prize of an iTunes gift card for each person in our group. Over those last couple of days, we were watching videos about this heat rub used in Asia, and so, for the last time, we decided to change our team name to:

Tiger Balm!

We almost couldn't compete in the competition because the wires which we had to tie our wind turbine and solar panel together weren't working well, but in the end, we made it through. Our group's wind turbine was different compared to everyone else's, for we had added a bit of our dramatic flair by coloring the blades!

Ha ha ha! Dramatic flair alert!
  • After all of that hard work and trouble we had, our group actually won by only a couple of points difference! Okay, maybe the prize was small, but I had such a good time at the university's camp. In the end, that's all that matters.

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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  2. It sound like you had a great time!

  3. Woohoo you won! Those blades look SO COOL!

  4. The blades are awesome! Congrats on winning!


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