Youth Conference

A couple of months ago, my dad received an email (lots which he gets from his friends and other people he knows in the community) about certain events that happen. One of the emails he got was an invitation to a sort of Christian camp/conference that occurred yearly, inviting people from all around the state, which lasted the week. At the last minute, I signed myself up to join this conference. You all are probably tired of picture-filled posts, but in order to get the feel of the conference, I'll have to show you some of the things that we did! Please don't pin these, by the way. :)

On the first day, I was afraid that I would not know anyone. Anyone. Most of the events I go to, I usually don't know anyone there. Luckily, my some of my friends that I only got to see only a few times a year were there, and since some of their school friends were there, she introduced me to them. The first day, we signed up for workshops and one social event. We even went to a concert and saw some Christian bands! I was conked out at the end. Sorry if the concert pictures are bad. It was dark, and I didn't want to attract attention by putting on flash.

The second day, I stood waiting for my friends, and saw someone from theater! I didn't remember it was them until they asked, "You were in this production as a knight, right?" On that day, I forgot that we had our social events, and wore heels. No, heels aren't an essential part to the story. Well, maybe. The people I knew were going to the park. And guess what activity I signed up for? Hiking up a mountain. 

Did I ask to go to another social event? I couldn't; we couldn't change our events. I did not want to change my social event, anyways. The last time I hiked that mountain, which was two years ago, I slipped and got mud all over myself. I was determined not to fall and to make it up to the top. Remember, I was wearing heels. I actually did make both of those goals! 

Oh, and I almost forgot about our workshops! On the day, my first three workshops were about friendship, myths about beauty debunked, and the Crusades. The workshops had this weird school vibe, which, for some weird reason, appealed to me. 

I saw these gnarled trees, and they reminded me of Narnia, for some odd reason.
There was a lot of ice cream at the event. I had three in total; you only just see two pictures of them. One was from the hike (and was half melted), while the other was from dessert.

The third day, my workshops were strange. I went to one about why we teenage girls act the way we do (confused, cranky, etc.), Star Wars, and scripture readings. Let me tell you one thing; I learned everything I needed to know about Star Wars in that 45-minute class, all in one day. Instead of social projects in the afternoon, we did community projects. I signed up to go help do trail work at a garden that I remembered from third grade because of a field trip. I have, approximately, five mosquito bites, all which are on my forehead. 

I don't have any pictures from the final day, but let me tell you that I left a bit sad that it had ended so soon. If you guys are looking for a deep thoughtful post, one's coming right at you in a bit! Just wait and see. :)
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  1. Awesome! I enjoyed the photos a lot. :)
    PS: I'm lovin' your blog design! Well done with it all!

    1. Thank you! :) It seems a bit plain, but all the same, I love it!

      xoxo Morning

  2. Beautiful pictures!:)
    Love your blog design and layout:D
    You've got yourself a new follower girl! Will look forward to more posts!
    -Lauren xoxo

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    1. Cool! I'll be sure to check it out and do the tag!

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