"This Is How I Blog It" Tag!

Hey, everyone! I got tagged by the lovely and crafty Noor over at My Amazing Life Being Ten to do this tag she created called "This Is How I Blog It!" How does it work? Well, as Noor said in her own words:
The tag is simple, I ask a few question about how YOU blog and you answer! Its fun to see how people blog. I'll even answer my own questions!

Now, onto the questions Noor asked!

Do you prefer: bright colors for your blog OR simple colors?
To be honest, it really depends on what I have for the image of the blog at a certain point in time... if I'm thinking summer, then I'll go for bold, but, like the design I have for this fall, which has a sort of Manhattan theme, I may go simple.
Do you blog in: quiet areas, or loud areas?
Hmm.... it depends on the day. Most of the time, it's quiet, with the only noise being my grandmother watching The Filipino Channel, but sometimes it does get loud.... or that just might be my headphones really blared up to full volume, with me listening to music.
How would you describe your blog? A book blog, fashion blog, etc.
That's a good question! At first, my blog used to be the place where I said my opinions, but now... I suppose it's a place for advice. A place where I can watch myself grow. Eventually, my blog is going to morph a bit more into a serious sort of edge/mood and turn into more of a place to talk about writing and my works, wanting to get published before I head off to college. We will see what happens!
Long posts, short posts, or somewhere in the middle?
It depends on what I have to say. Excerpts of writing, deep thoughts, advice and tutorials are pretty long. Blogging about my daily life is somewhere in the middle (with 80% of the middle-sized post pictures), and short posts are to quickly update when I'm busy.
When you first started your blog, what did you think?
I started blogging quite some time ago, and I was thinking, "... Do people even read what I've put lots of time and effort into?" For about the first three months, I spent most of my time on Blogger trying to stylize my blog, even missing out on watching a 24-hour marathon of one of my favorite shows which rarely ever airs. I had to get used to the fact that working to get my voice heard (meaning having followers and an audience) takes lots of time and effort, especially if you don't have social media, which is a key that helps
How do you think your blog is going to be like in the future?
It really depends on how I'm like when I grow up, you know? My blog tends to reflect my personality a lot. Other than that, well, it's going to be a bit more professional.
Hmm... honestly, I've tagged so many people in previous tags, so I've lost track of who to tag! Feel free to do this tag, if you wish!
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