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As some of you may already know from my last post (and for some of you readers who have been around since last August and read this post), I went to a week long engineering camp at my town's local university. As I am typing this, my younger brother is looking over my shoulder and going fifty miles an hour, asking about various things about my blog (i.e. my first blog design, which I spent more than a week, five hours a day, trying to fix up). In fact, remember this?

If you remember this post, then I applaud and thank you. If you don't, then feel free to read some of my old posts, when I was new to the blogging world and a bit naive.

This first week I entered into Java Programming, which was pretty difficult. I spent HOURS on the university desktops, trying to code some program to just type up a simple phrase! In case you have no idea what Java does, I'll spare you and give you the brief summary of what it is: Java is a program that acts a bit like a translator for these tiny bits of data to work on different platforms, such as Macs and Windows, Safari and Chrome! This is a sample code of what I did:

This code above? This is the code made for my final project!
The camp was really fun! Sadly, because we had to work separately on computers, I couldn't talk to much people and make friends. I did, in fact, meet some people, particularly guy younger than me by three years, who had some interests in Doctor Who and the Avengers, and we chatted about nonstop that whenever we were done with the assignments.

Some of the things that we did was play Giants, Elves, and Wizards, a game that was somewhat a mix between Sharks and Minnows and Rock, Paper, Scissors. Speaking of Sharks and Minnows, it was another game we played, the final game being Blob Tag. We may be all middle and high schoolers, but you know, if you have time and chance to play these games, it's the same thing that you should do when you can relive your days swinging on a playground; do it.

The adult and college volunteers were really nice and showed us around the entire campus (like visiting the local rock museum. It seems bland, but not as bland as you may think). The main crown of the tour was not the sports center, which many of my friends from school rave over, but the pendulum in the university which told time.

We also decided to make an app, that being one of two major projects we had to accomplish! It was a very low tech app which we made into a flashcard game about a topic of our choice. Mine's was based on various animated movie trivia, which was something I loved reading after the subject of World War II. After my group viewed the app on the Android tablet, we spent the next half-hour taking random selfies with people using the cameras on the device. The sad part was we couldn't keep it. However, I will ask you the questions that I had on my flashcards, and if you want, leave your answers in the comments! (But answer these questions without looking any of the answers up; I'm trusting you all!)
1) What is the first name of Gru of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment's 2010 movie Despicable Me?
2) The donut police characters from the 2012 Disney movie Wreck-It-Ralph were named Wynnchel and Duncan. What major dount chain in the U.S. do their character names refer to?
3) What Disney characters "photobombed" the 2013 film Frozen?
4) Hiccup, from the Dreamworks movie franchise How To Train Your Dragon, is right-handed. True, or false?
5) What type of birds are Blu and Jewel, the characters from the 2011 Blue Sky Stuidos movie Rio?
6) Why did Po, from the 2008 Dreamworks movie Kung Fu Panda, say, "Wait! That soup is... sharp..."?
7) Which classic Disney movie from their Renaissance period was the second highest grossing movie behind Forrest Gump, and was the first Disney animated movie to not be based off of a book or familiar fairy tale?
The second major thing that we had to do was create a final project using Java. What I wanted to do, out of the code, was create a bicycle. My vision for the bicycle looked something like this:
Then, when I asked the professor (the teacher teaching us) how to make the rhombus for the bicycle body, he drew out what it actually was supposed to look like:

I guess I'm a part of the majority of the population who can't draw their own bike. 
Anyways, the project sort of camp out as a tribute to my friends from school and theater, where we sang our heads off and spoke in musical puns. This is what the product came out as:
In the end, I enjoyed Java, despite having to wake up at six-thirty every weekday. In two weeks, I'm heading off to the same university and instead of doing Java Programming, I'm doing Energy! Although I may be heading off to another state in the middle of that camp and will have to miss the second part of it... I haven't decided.
(all images taken by me; please do not pin or steal. thank you.)
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    1. It is pretty cool! As long as youdon't get lost along the way, of course. ^.^

      xoxo Morning

  2. Wow, this is pretty neat! You have a lovely blog xx.

  3. That's cool!
    I wanted to try learning the basics of programming for a while now and this post motivated me to have a go at it

    Abbey <4

    1. I'm glad to hear that this post made you want to try programming! It's not much different than blog coding, I think. A lot of the basic concepts for Java are also used in blog coding. :)

      xoxo Morning

  4. Your blog looks wonderful! A new follower xx Check out mine?

    1. Thank you! And I'll be sure to check out your blog. :D

      xoxo Morning

  5. that seems so cool! I myself really want to learn Java and a few other coding languages such as C++, love the post! :) x


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