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For the past several days, I have been browsing through lots of fan art on Tumblr. That got me thinking, "Maybe I should try to create some fan art of my own, too!" These are just rough sketches of what I drew on a PDF app I had, so I used only basic colors and had to take lots of screenshots (Blogger doesn't show PFDs as images) ! I have to admit, I'm not the world's best drawer, especially on a tablet, but I tried, at least! Answers under my signature!

(the quote comes from a chibi short the creators of this character did)

Even my brother got into the action of drawing a character! It's Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender!

My entry for Banana and Bear's Photography Challenge! It's a snow cone!
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Answers (from top to bottom): Toothless,
Olaf, Merida, Zuko, and one of the minions
(bonus points if you knew it was Dave!)


  1. Love it! Are they: toothless, olaf, Merida and a minion?! ;) also I love you entry! :)

    1. Haha, yes, that's all correct! Trying to draw Toothless gave me a headache-- big time. The first time I drew him it looked a bit like a stick with spiky spurs and triangles on the side. :) Thank you! You're doing the Photo Challenge at "Banana and Bear" too, right? Good luck! I'll be sure to check out your blog and see your entry, too!

      xoxo Morning

  2. Nice post! I'm following you now. Mind following me back?


    1. Sure, I'll definitely follow you back. I love your blog design, by the way. XD

      xoxo Morning

  3. Awesome. :) Olaf is super cute there>>>^ AND, talking of which, I have tagged you with the warm hugs tag.
    Tane ♥

  4. Is it the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon, Olaf, the girl from Brave, and a minion? Great drawings! I love your design by the way =)
    Brooke Jordan
    Pineapples & Daisies


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