Nature and Europe

This summer, so far, has been going a bit slow for my taste. For the last three days, it's been absolutely cloudy (thus when the songs Bad Day by Daniel Powter and Say Something by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera played on the radio, along with some of my favorite songs from the 2009 Top 40 list played, it seemed a bit sappy). A couple of days before our rainy forecast, the skies were clear, showing a beautiful sunset. It was crimson! Some of these nature pictures that were shot over a span of three days were taken by me, while others were taken by my younger brother.

Also, my grandmother came back from (guess where) her month long group trip from Europe! She was super lucky and fortunate to visit cities such as Mandrid, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, just to name a few! She got my brother and I a couple of souvenirs. I got barrettes, while my brother received snow globes from every single city my grandmother visited! Our family also got a package of stroopkoken, which are Dutch syrup cookies! They're sweet, but super yummy.

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