May Update

1. Cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon! 2. Same cinnamon roll, image taken in the morning. 3.Picture of a sign to the museum, which was taken during the field trip! No pictures inside of the museum; wasn't allowed to take pictures of exhibit. 4. Cupcakes my mom brought home. 5. Debate papers. 6. Picture of Super Smash Bros on the GameCube being played at youth group night; the best! 7. Peeps. Easter. Festive. Sweet. Neat. Enough said. 8. Smile face from my Nutella and banana covered pita. 9. Quote about something that happened during my time offline.

Hey, everyone! Morning here. I'm going to try to fit as much info as I can into one enormous post about what's going to be happening in May. For me, personally, it's a "transition" month from school to summer. Yes, I'm getting out of school at the end of this month! The end of the school year also means parties, goodbyes, and finals. Because of that, I have no idea how often I can post, with the first three weeks of this month all jam packed. 

I'm going to have a lot going on which I want to blog about and share with you all, but because of how this month is, some of the things that I could be sharing with you may be cut off. Meaning, I won't be able to write blog posts about it. :( Unless you guys are patient and don't mind waiting, I may be able to throw in a super huge mega post about those parties, farewells, and finals I have to go through. And, because of how everything is, I won't be able to do my quote of the month post. 

Well, I am thinking about scheduling posts, but mainly about what's in sort for this blog "in summer." (See what I did there? I just can not stop picking up puns from the movie). Meaning, that I will write a brief post about a possible summer challenge/link-up/meme that both bloggers and non-bloggers can participate it (Autumn, I'm talking directly to you!). I'm still debating over whether it should be a photo challenge or a link up sort of meme, so if you guys leave a comment about what sort of ideas to do for this, spread the word, and what sort of things to add on a summer bucket list, I'd appreciate it! I'll also being doing an awards post (I was awarded by Michaela and Tane; check out their lovely blogs. <3)

Also, either on the last week or morning of the last day of school, I will reveal my new summer design that I have been working on since the beginning of March! I'm really happy about how it turned out. No, I won't post a screenshot, not blurred or blurred via the effects of PicMonkey; that'll ruin the surprise! I'll give you this one hint, though. It may not make any sense, but once I reveal the design, I'll delve into why I chose to design it the way I did: "The Philippines' parties over the summer are very festive and colorful."

Okay, so enough about blog updates/posting ideas. How have you guys been? For me, I've actually felt like I've been hit by a wave-- my blog title has practically been describing perfectly how my life is right now. For example, I was super hyped up about a competition coming up this Thursday and coaching (meaning writing words/thoughts that occur as you read a document), and the next moment, I'm super mad at myself leaving my calculator at home on the day of a huge Geometry test! I got super excited to see that I saw I won Rose's contest, but was really frustrated at Prezi for running out of storage-- and it was due the following day for a school presentation! I'm also starting to clean out my room for the next transition of school, if you know what I mean by transition. ;)

(first nine images belongs to me, the Olaf summer image belongs to Disney)

(P.S. I'm working on a collaborative blog with Eve and ashley. I've worked with a couple of people in collaborative blogs before; if you want to join, check it out here!)


  1. I can't wait to see the new design! So exciting! Oh and I emailed you back, and I made some changes to my test blog to make it better. :) Should I start it yet or should I wait a while and see if anyone else wants to join? :)

    1. I saw the email! Hmm... I think that we should wait for possibly one more person, but if no one joins, then we can start possibly next week!

      xoxo Morning

  2. Stop! I can't stand it! That cinnamon roll looks too good! Now I'm craving one! Lol! :) great post!



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