"Fangirling is the act of having that wave of emotion come over you when you see, hear, and think (maybe even smell -- who knows) about that person you idolize."
-Definition via Huffington Post

I always go on misadventures in my life. No, I am not complaining about that-- I've gotten used to accidentally tripping on them, both literally and metaphorically (I'm an accidental prone girl who tends to trip on her own feet about three times a week). A majority of my misadventures occur outside of school, when I'm doing other activities such as theater, though there is about a handful that occur during school. One of my misadventures involves books, fangirling, and teachers.

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So what exactly did happen which made some of the people in my life go fan crazy all over a series which wasn't a craze at my school? It all started with a book whose picture I have taken and is placed on a previous post. The book is Legend, by Marie Lu. I read the book for a school book competition, and immediately after I read the first page, I was hooked. It's about two fifteen-year-olds from very different backgrounds-- June, a prodigy in the Republic, and Day, a major criminal whose whereabouts or information is unknown, and they cross paths when June's older brother, Metias, is killed and Day becomes the prime suspect. It's part of a trilogy, and it's great series that I highly recommend for YA readers. As much as I hate putting age limits on books, I'm going to say you should be about thirteen, fourteen, or older if you are going to read this, because the ending is a really heavy and can take a "big hit", if it can be placed in that context. 

(This image is mine. It is the same picture used here, except I did a couple of edits to emphasize the picture.)

This occurred in February. A couple of days before our school's two half-days that occur every semester, my history teacher went into the library and got the book. I assured her that it was a great book to read, and that she'll bawl her eyes out during the final pages of the series. So, I waited for her to read it. And waited. During the second half-day of that semester, the librarians at my school caught me early in the morning and told me that my social studies teacher was mad. "Why would she be mad?" I wondered. Honestly, all I did was recommend a good book to a teacher who loves reading books.

When I entered my sixth period class which was switched to the early morning that day, I understood why. My history teacher, whose classroom was next to my sixth period's class, caught me and yelled, "Morning!"

I ran into my sixth period classroom saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" My sixth period teacher gave me a strange look as a hurriedly ran back out into the hallway and to talk to my history teacher. When I talked to her more clearly, I understood why she was super cranky. She was really tired the previous night, and wanted to read only twenty pages into the book. Just like I did when I read the book the first time, she was hooked and made her read until late into the night, causing her to not only get a minimal amount of sleep, but also to forget her lunch! My friends who were in her class that period told me that she was ranting about me. Luckily, she forgave me and has been asking about YA book recommendations ever since. The update with her? Well, she finished the series and also, like me, wishes to find out more about what happened after the series ended.

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I mean, come on, Marie Lu, you gave us a great ending that was super sweet, but we just want more! You left me crying with happy tears!

I also got an acquaintance to read the books and we've been talking about the series ever since! They were surprised about what happened in the middle of the FIRST book, and kept shaking me, saying, "WHY???" I can totally understand their situation, though. 

Fangirling-- all of the tears and joy of fictional characters-- we fangirling/fanboying people understand it all.

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Stay strong and wonderful, everyone!


  1. Oh, thank the Lord! My internet is finally okay!

    Hey, Morning! I was only able to visit your blog now... So sorry! My internet is having the cookies and I can't even go to NaNo! Only Blogger works, but I was able to post one topic, when I visited my grandma.

    Okay, so enough rambling about my problems. I love your new design by the way! And your new book about Bee Harvard... Thumbs up! Was the retreat good?

    I love how you expressed a fangirl! (me being one, of course.) It's absolutely perfect! And might I say, I liked how you placed Will from Glee ;)

    Thank you for always supporting me with my blog, by the way! It means so much. You're a great friend. See you!


    - (asayoungwriter) Bryanna

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    1. It's fine! I completely understand the whole "not being able to connect to the internet" thing; the internet at my house has been pretty wonky.

      The retreat was, indeed, really good! I have never watched Glee, but I loved some of the covers of the songs they sing on the show. See you!

      xoxo Morning

      P.S. I'm not sure what's up with the "you're not a robot" picture... I'll try to get it fixed, though!