Career Project-- For School

Hello, everyone! This is Morning here. I'm doing a project for school (right now) about careers, and some of the questions that we need to answer require primary-- er, just sources, in general. I'm used to having to search up evidence for history that I call every source primary. Not secondary, primary.

Q: What was it about this line of work that you found interesting?
A: Something about this line of work that I found interesting was the fact that these people in this occupation are a part of a movie or television show without actually being—meaning performing—in the project and showing yourself to the millions of people that may end up seeing it. In a way, they’re “shy” actors. They also help the characters or objects of the story, whatever is being animated, come to life.

Q: What other career choices did you consider, and why did this one stand apart?
A: So, after a couple of hours thinking last week, I have decided that I wanted to do my project on being a multimedia artist and animator. At first, I was considering a bunch of other options. One choice that I considered doing my project about was being an anaesthetist, someone who administers injections to those who are going into surgery. Other choices that I was interested in were counseling and being a writer. As much as I love writing and really want to become an author, I wanted to look into other jobs that applied creativity as well but at the same time, would be worthwhile in the sense that it could provide me.

Q: Why did you want to go into this profession?
A: I wanted to go into this profession for several reasons. First off, whenever get onto my laptop at home, I like messing around with all of the applications that are downloaded on there (i.e. Photoshop Elements, iMovie, etc.) and I've tried to make film before during Tech Week at theater and I really enjoyed it. It's also really neat to be working to create these characters.

Q: Why do you think you would be a good candidate for this career?
A: I think that I would be a pretty good canidate for this career because I'm imaginative and I have really good computer skills.


  1. I've heard a few other people mentioning interest in anesthesiology, but to me that job would entail too much pressure! The path you mentioned seems great :)

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog. :)


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