Camp NaNoWriMo Stats: Week One

Hello, everyone! Now back to the "Bee Harvard" excerpt series! I still haven't decided on a title, so just bear with me.

By the time you have read this, I will be out of town and I will have no access or contact to any electronics of the sort. I'll be on a youth retreat, so yes, this is a scheduled post. Now, I am nowhere near my notebook (which is where most of novel is on right now).

A couple of status updates about Camp NaNoWriMo:

  • My word count is at a dismal 5,000 words. :( 
  • I have finally decided to lower down my word count to 30,000 words. During my first ever NaNoWriMo event, I wasted eleven days not writing, and spent about six hours on my grandmother's laptop the days following afterwards. I had such a slow typing speed then; twenty-three words per minute! That seems slow that what I can normally type now (about sixty words per minute). Why I decided to lower down my word count is because I have way too many activities going on this much, like testing (which finally passed) and other school activities that I am tied to, that I don't think I can actually write down 20,000 more words. It's either that, or I don't write anything at all.
  • I'm thinking about rewriting this again next camp session. In the summertime, I can write better, write more words, and be more productive because I can stay up longer than I can, meaning that I can write more.
I will not post a paragraph long excerpt until this Sunday. To satisfy your hunger, I'll post two things: a character profile who is in the same book as Bee, and a line from my novel that stood out.

(image via wehearit)
Feisty, stubborn,  competitive, forgiving, yet sometimes a bit of "a big mouth."
Excellent at flag football and lacrosse.
"All right, seventh grader. We'll let you take your time to let your little brain process everyone. This might be too much to take in... What sort of name is Bee, anyways?" -Henley to Bee

Ouch. Well, she doesn't seem nice. And a quote from my novel:
"Dad almost spewed out his coffee when I told him my idea. Was I a little too hopeful and insane to think they would be convinced? Yes, but this was the only way to help them."
It seems as if Bee is about to attempt something outrageous by first getting her parents' permission; or better yet, hiding her true motives under her words. :)


  1. I love this idea!!! :D Oh, and titles are always a bummer for me too. I can never think of them! Looking forward to hearing more (and hope you find a good title). ^-^
    -Morning Kay