Thoughts Strung Together (All In One Post)

… While I wasn’t blogging, I was always thinking about what my next blog post was going to be. A majority of the blog post ideas I had were too short, so I have decided just to write them all into one blog post, really.

A majority of my best singing occurs when I’m not really try and when I’m in the moment. In the makeup room, our dance director and the actor who plays Guinevere always plays songs on their iPhones and iPad. In the dressing room, some of the actors were singing the reprise of “For the First Time in Forever” (I love this song!). Coincidentally, the song was playing in the makeup room. 

When the person who had their iPad turned off the song from playing, I was one of the only few who kept on singing. I was singing Elsa’s part of the song, and when it came to the part when she sings, “I CAN’T,” I hit that note and got the volume I wanted for that song. When I normally sing it, it’s hard for me to reach that note! I feel so happy. 

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As for theater, our final show is tomorrow. I am going to miss all of my theater cast. :( I’ll miss you guys!

I’m thinking about making a new blog design for summer, having a new blog title, and also helping people who need blog designs. No, I’m not necessarily saying that I’ll be having a blog design business, but I’ll help new bloggers out with the basics of blogging, HTML, and CSS. 


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    1. Thanks!

      Stay strong and wonderful!
      xoxo Morning

  2. I really love your blog design it rocks

    1. :) I may be thinking about changing the title, but if I do, I still won't mind being called by my old blog name.


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