Icy People

I watched the movie Frozen exactly one week ago, and it is absolutely adorable. I love all of the characters, the songs and the scenery, everything. Every time I got the chance, I would listen to the soundtrack on YouTube, rerunning through the songs—especially Vuelie, sung by the choir Cantus. When I tune in, it gives me goose bumps, in a solemn, humble, warm sort of way that sometimes just makes me visualize the beauty of this world. I’d buy the soundtrack, but sadly, I need to save up money.

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"Do you want to build a snowman? Or ride our bikes around the halls?"
How much I would like to try that! Or, at least, mattress surfing.

Fans of fandoms have many ways to express their love for a fandom—song covers, cosplaying, fanfiction, and animated music videos, also known as AMVs. On YouTube, there was this one fanmade video featuring Elsa, the Snow Queen, and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. If you searched up Elsa and Jack on a search engine and click on the image results there would be many pictures of them.

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The two of them are quite similar to one another. For one, they have a younger sibling which they are pretty close to. They also have the power of ice.
I love the ice and snow. They come along with the weather, where I live. I take lots of photography in the winter because, when examined carefully, they’re beautiful. Snow and ice come with winter fun—building snowmen, sledding, ice skating and having snowball fights are just some of the seasonal things that you can do. In some books and movies, ice people are portrayed as evil. Take Jack Frost from Santa Claus 3: The Escape Claus, as an example. It is dangerous: icicles and slippery sidewalks.
Amongst other people, there are different compared to most, causing some internal problems within themselves. Jack wondered why the Man in the Moon chose him to be one of the Guardians, who he doesn’t exactly “fit it” with, for no one believes in him. Elsa, on the other hand, is afraid she might reveal her powers to the kingdom of Arendelle and she may hurt someone close to her.

This photo was taken by me, on my phone, while walking home from school.

Though we may not have ice powers, we can still relate a lot to this situation, feeling different. There are kids in schools who are bullied, and those things make them feel insecure. Maybe there is a quiet person inside a classroom filled with rowdy, noisy kids. Or perhaps, that person may be you. 
I can definitely relate to this. I’m the only person in my group of friends who play in orchestra. I’m short for my age. My favorite room out of my entire house is the laundry room, the only place where I can read with little distractions! If I had to summarize my entire existence in the first place, it would be set in these three words: eccentric, yet whimsical. There is nothing wrong with having quirky habits.
Elsa did view her powers, in the end, differently than she did in the beginning, and Jack discovered why he was chosen as a Guardian and found out what his center is. Icy people may feel a bit indifferent, and push people away, but get to know them and they can turn out to be fun people who are beautiful, just as the snowy mountains 

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  1. I typed up this long rant, and then it wouldn't let me post it. I think you might as well enjoy me not rambling, so in short, I loved it, and it got so many feels going. I keep on listening to the Frozen songs as well..especially Let It Go. I can hardly bear listening to Do you wanna build a snowman anymore, I keep tearing up and breaking down every time. They made a parody of it called Of course I wanna build a snowman, and I just wish that there was something like that in the movie to say.. balance things out I guess. *snods*
    And there's the short version.. which is rather long as well. *hides*

  2. Frozen is my favorite movie! I've seen it four times so far and it's not even out on DVD yet. XD Typical obsessive Chloe. By the way, I love your new blog design!

  3. the come at me bro was super funny

    very classy