Photography I took over the first days of 2014:

If you watch the credits for Despicable Me, you may remember one of the minions making animals-- and Gru-- out of his hands. I was trying to do that, and it works!
This is a picture of my impression. Looks good, doesn't it?

What it looked like during the afternoon on January first. A little dull, but at least light shown through my window (very economical and green)!

The notebook and the pen that came as a part of the stationary kit. 

Sketch of the sun. The sketching is easy; the coloring is the hard part!

The chorus of King Henry V.

Puissance: a competitive test of a horse's ability to jump over large obstacles in showjumping. Source: Oxford Dictionary of English. I jotted it down.

                I'm getting ready for auditions tomorrow, for acting.

                I am trying out for Anne of Green Gables, which isn't a musical, or The Magical Adventures of Merlin, which is.

                I've been preparing by practicing the song that I am going to perform—"Gonna Get Over you" by Sara Bareilles is such an epic, upbeat song—and memorizing the short passage I have to read. I have read the chorus to King Henry V before, but I still need to freshen up. Right now, I am trying hard to memorize this part:

Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts,
Into a thousand pieces divide on man,
and make imaginary puissance.

                I am not sure I am able to be able to do the play, even if I do get chosen to perform. The rehearsal schedule may or may not fit with my parents' schedules. I am hoping and praying that it does, though.

                Besides that, I have also been sketching and writing inside of the notebook that my mom gave to me. I love the stationary!

                Well, I hope I break a leg, as they say in theater! 



  1. Break a leg!


  2. Good luck on your audition!

    Tara (aka BeWeirdAlways)


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