The Show Is Going On!

        If you read my last post, you found out that I auditioned to get into a play.

I actually got in! 

        Believe it or not, I did not believe that I would get in. There were many, many talented kids in there, and when my group (auditioners ten through twenty) got to see the directors, I was shaking—literally. When I came up, I was shaking. I couldn't speak or look at the directors straight. I stuttered. I could not memorize the chorus to "King Henry the Fifth"—I was too busy stunned reminiscing about the song "That's My New Philosophy" and the poem about Nutella-dipped Sour Punch Kids. I sang off-pitch.

        I'm not much of a person who likes singing in public, in front of directors. It terrifies me.

The only good thing that I remember doing in front of the judges is having 90/10 vision. The ninety stands for what you see when you are singing or reciting some lines—you don't see the judges, you can see what you are singing or reciting about. The ten is when you check to see how your audience is reacting. 

Afterwards, we had to see what our vocal ranges are, something different than standing in front of the directors. The ten of us in our group sang "Happy Birthday," to either someone who was in the room or, like some of the younger children, to a pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Finding out people's vocal ranges is fun, especially finding out the deeper parts of one's range.

I checked my mom's email, and when I read that I got in, I screamed! I could not calm down for about five minutes. Afterwards, I got here, with the cookies that my friend Jaden gave me for Christmas. Jaden, you make such awesome Pokémon cookies! I know you got frustrated and ranted halfway through Jessie's cookie, but seriously, you rock! 

My only problem is my family's schedule. The rehearsal times may or may not interfere with my parents' own schedules, so I have to hope that it is fits with everyone's schedules! 

I can't wait to meet everyone else who's in Merlin! I'm really excited to be in this play production!

Stay strong and wonderful! 
xoxo Morning