Last Week In Pictures #2

Here goes another "Last Week In Pictures!" If my schedule keeps up, I may be doing these until March. Last week was a pretty eventful week! All of these pictures belong to me, except for the movie poster. 

I went to Brinner-- breakfast for dinner-- on Tuesday evening with my youth group! The theater director said that I did not have to go to practice that evening, so it did not interfere with my schedule. I really enjoyed it; it's not everyday you eat breakfast food in the evening!

After we ate, everyone went off in the gym to play basketball and volleyball. Then the youth group director called us to go into the youth room, and for the majority of our time there, we played "Super Smash Bros" on the Game Cube, fooseball...

...And ice hockey!

Friday evening, I went to practice, and everyone could just not stop laughing. And, because of Arthur and Knight #1 singing songs from the Disney Princess movies, I have them now stuck in my head. It's not all a bad thing!
After theater practice, I went straight towards the hotel where my uncle was celebrating his birthday party! 

Everyone went swimming in the evening except for me-- I was planning to swim in the morning.

A jr of peppermints that are inside of the suite.

Saturday morning at 7:30.

Breakfast at the hotel!

I got to drink herbal tea that morning! 

I took some tea packets, one from each box. It's very rarely I get to drink tea.

Inline image 13
Once my mom picked up my brother and I from the hotel, she offered to bring us to the theaters and watch Frozen. It's such a great movie. Sure, the antagonists are a bit underdeveloped, but in my opinion, it's been the best movie Disney made since The Incredibles! If you don't watch the movie, then at least listen to the soundtrack; they have such a great alignment of music there.

Many of my posts for the next couple of days will have to be scheduled posts. In about two days, I'll be heading more posts around your way-- including the lovely Libester Award that Kate from The Magic Violinist awarded me. Thank you! :)

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  1. Yay! You watched Frozen! That is currently my favorite movie. I'm obsessed. :D