Simbang Gabi 2013 Moments.

I just have to share some Simbang Gabi moments with you. In case you do not know what Simbang Gabi is, it means "Evening Mass" in Filipino. What happens is that you go to mass for nine consecutive days in the morning, as early as four, and if you finish those nine days, then a wish that you make will be granted. I don't live in the Philippines anymore, but where I live now, we attend mass in the evenings, and then afterwards, we attend a huge potluck and eat! Here are two of my favorite moments from this year's evening masses.
A tradition my brother's friends have that began two years ago is that they went downstairs earlier than everyone else to get in line first. Anyways, when my church was hosting, I decided (as I did along with them and some other kids the two previous years) to go down and get in line. There were some adults that my parents knew, and they said, "It's time to do the karaoke!" Well, my brother and his friends told these two girls that I should sing with them. For at least fifteen minutes, the three of us girls were belting Christmas carols at the top of our lungs with no one else around. 
The second memory that I have occurred yesterday. There were so many people at the potluck I went to last night that as soon I was finished eating my food, I had to give up my chair for my aunt and uncle. I sat on the low steps of the stage and just wrote inside my notebook. No one noticed me, and that was all right. I did not mind being the wallflower.
Out of all of the people that noticed me, a little girl about the age of seven came up and plopped down next to me on my right, looking at me with her big brown eyes. I turned to my left and saw several other kids sit down near the steps where I sat. I didn't know what to do. I loved the solitude and the solidarity of these kids. The little girl began to look through my notebook, curious, and so I was left with one option: "Want to draw in my notebook with me?"
I got a highlighter from my mom and we drew. "Jill," she introduced herself in a quiet voice.
"What?" I asked. The area was filled with noise, and it was hard to hear.
"Jill. J-I-L-L."
We drew on the stage, and by my side was my little cousin, whispering in my ear, "I got a new friend." Can I just say that Jill can draw, a lot more talented than what I drew at her age? Here is what she and I drew.

The first picture we drew. It's a rainy day with butterflies and fairies.

The second picture we drew! It's the opposite of the first picture, a sunny day.
From left to right: there's a cat, a dog, and a nurse. :)

We're getting into the Christmas spirit! It's nightfall. There is a trail of hearts leading to the sky. The moon above the house has a Christmas hat, if you haven't noticed it yet.

          Once I had to leave, I told her it was nice to draw with her.
          Her response? "Jill. J-I-L-L."
          If everyone was nice and sweet as this girl, then this world would just be a better place. :) Merry Christmas, everyone!

Stay strong and wonderful!
xoxo Morning