Cranky Days

Today, I have been feeling pretty grumpy. Whenever I am online, I try to sound positive because if good vibes sends good vibes to others, then the same affect happens with bad vibes. I don't want to spread bad vibes to others, but today, I felt like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. So, today, I am going to write about how my day went. I am just like everyone else, but, as the title of my blog says, it's, well, not-so-average!

7:45-8:15 AM: I spent my time trying to finish up typing up my short story for Language Arts, when, during this time, I wait patiently to go and grab a lunch pass. I was feeling super cranky when I got there, so I isolated myself from everyone else. I didn't want to explode at them.

8:15-9:00 AM: I had orchestra. I forgot my music, so the people sitting next to me and I, the three of us had to work out a system to play out the pieces. Plus, we had a concert in a couple of days!

9:05-9:50 AM: In gym we were working on our dance unit. Our group originally had nine members, but it got down to five members because the group was split between two over what the chorography was and what song we were going to dance to. At the end, this was super fun, because we got to create poses that were incorporated at the end of our dance.

9:55-10:50 AM: The lesson plan for the day was canceled. I got busy on working on an assignment, which was drawing a comic strip about the Boston Tea Party through the eyes of the colonists and the eyes of the British soldiers. I had a lot of fun trying to make it as straight-forward as possible, but fun at the same time.

10:55-11:40 AM: In class, after the teacher taught the lesson for Geometry, we got to decorate the tree for the door decorating contest! I wish they had agreed to let me bring glitter, though…

11:45-12:15 PM: Lunch. Today was supposed to be a meeting day about a project (Not school related, but just for fun). Then, I was feeling a lot crankier than ever because the lunch line was slow. Now, there is a quote on Goodreads that says this: "My life has a superb cast, but I cannot figure out the plot." This applied to this. My friends and I, got from the subject about book characters to whether Bing or Google was better.

12:20-1:05 PM: Science! As usual, Team Huddle Time occurred, something that my friends and I do before class starts. We have a project before, but I did not expect to have one two weeks prior to the end of school. The project was to write a volcano resume, working in the library. I chose Mount Vesuvius. My friends were—sadly—searching up everyone in our circle friend group's houses.

1:10-1:55 PM: Language arts. The usual—if you count writing a five page narrative essay that we can play around with as normal.

2:00-2:45 PM: Yearbook was the same as normal. I finally got a TIFF down, though! TIFFs are hard things to do.

3:00-6:00: Working on card-making operation!

I didn't expect this to turn out in a diary format of the sort (I can't stand diaries and journals; I don't know why. Blogging is a lot better for me, personally.)

So, what did you guys do today? 

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Like Lucy here, I've been pretty cranky.