Beginning of December!

Guess what, everyone? I've won NaNoWriMo and wrote a 50,000 word novel all in 30 days! I feel so proud. To celebrate, I have been busy watching Legend of Korra AMVs and watching the season finale of the show. To show the proof, I have my lovely web badge shown below.

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I can't wait until December 7th, because I may be going to a "thank goodness NaNoWriMo is over" party with my old writing group! It's been forever since I've last seen them; I have been too busy with school to go nowadays. I am super excited! We may be doing a couple of Word Wars.... hehehe....

Also, today, I saw one of my friends. She and I go to the same school now, but we rarely see each other because we don't have the same classes and we revolve around different circles.

During Black Friday, I received Just Dance 2014, a USB drive, and a new laptop. I am going to miss my old laptop dearly, but at least I know it is going into good hands: I'm giving it to my grandmother. I know Just Dance 2014 may seem dorky, but it is a really fun way to bond with your friends and family! The USB drive is to save my files.

Oh, and did I mention I also got a Starbucks frappe, in six in the morning? I know it seems odd for me to be exciting over something as simple as that, but I

Well, it is December, and there is 24 days until Christmas! I am super excited. Our house is under construction, meaning that we are decking the halls. The Christmas tree is up, but all we have to do is put up parols, which is like a Christmas lantern with very elaborate designs. If I have time, I'll try to post a picture!

Read aloud about the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo in the various classrooms to some of my friends is one of the things I am looking forward to. I based a lot of my character's personalities on them. I can't wait! Which, reminds me, my friends and I should be planning a going-away-we'll-miss-you-and-Merry-Christmas gift for one of my friends, who is moving.

I will try to post a lot more! Don't worry. Stay strong and wonderful!