Thanksgiving of 2013!

Happy Turkey Day, everyone, for those who live in US! Or Thanksgiving, as it is normally called.

Yes, I am back! All of the problems that I had I have gotten all sorted out. :) I wasn't planning on doing a post until after NaNoWriMo is over, but I couldn't leave you all hanging and wondering for the last couple of days!

What I am thankful for this year is mainly all of the people that I have met over 2012 and 2013. Honestly, every single person that I have met has been just absolutely amazing, especially my Team Huddle time friends. It's something that my friends and I do right after lunch and before our next class. These are the same people who are helping me with my novel construction idea! I have to finish it because someone from our group is moving soon.

There are also the people that I have met during my times during construction camp; miss you, Rivers! She was my bestie during camp.

Sorry if this is one of my unprofessional posts; I'm just stopping by really quick and giving and update about Thanksgiving. You'll hear a lot more from me in December, also known as the month of revising! I have a meme coming up.... stay tuned!

Stay strong and wonderful!


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