"If The World's All A Stage," A Ballad

I am not good at writing poetry.

Ever since fifth grade, I have tried, I've tried and tried to write a decent poem.

It's never really worked. Sigh.

This week, before the quarter ends (time flies!), we're working on our poetry unit in language arts. We had to write a ballad, and this is what I turned in. My piece is called, "If the World's All A Stage".

Sometimes I sit and ponder
if all the world's a stage
where people come and wander 'round
to laugh and cry with rage.

Camera's flash in our faces
people in our lives come and go.
Whether all the world's a stage
--or not, I still honestly don't know.

If the world was an enormous stage
then who would see the act?
The people, penguins, or koalas?
The dogs sharks, or my cat?

The act would go in order
All the credits will scroll,
the audience would applaud
maybe the red carpets will roll!

If the world was all a stage
I wonder how others will react
after they go and watch the movie of me
the long wonderful life, my own "act".


  1. Morning, this is amazing! I did notice a few grammatical mistakes (camera's), but otherwise, this is awesome! How can you say you're not good at writing poetry?

    1. One time, I wrote a weird peom about Dr. Seuss poems. It was like, "The cat in the hat, I imagined him looking like a ram, green eggs I am are delicious, the same one's from the poem with Sam I am." Crazy stuff.

    2. Have you even heard the rest of my poems yet? Normallyy they're about birds. O.o

  2. That is a really good poem! You're great at writing poetry!


  3. That is amazing, Morning! Why do you say you can't write poems?

  4. I don't know why you think you are bad at writing poetry cause this is very good! Sorry it took so long for me to come here (school work has been heavy lately) but I really like your stuff!


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