I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends.
     A lot of times, they feel a lot more like the brothers and sisters that I never had. We laugh, cry, cheer each other up, tease and all make up again. Without them, I would have been lost basically at school, camps, the YMCA and even during my vacation, where I meet a lot of people.
     My first friends were Sophia and Toby, a guy and a girl who I met in preschool. I got sent to preschool when I was about three or four years old, but back then I still wasn't good at English, since I moved to the US from the Philippines. I knew only a couple of words in English. The two of them invited me to play "pretend" with them, and soon, I was fluent at speaking in English and (sadly!) forgot how to speak in Filipino.
     Over the years, I met a lot more people and they became my friends. Some of them were my best friends. Jasmine. Jacob. Joevan. Wendy. Joshua. Even now, I still keep in touch with these people, although I am busy with school and everything else in my life. 
     Middle school was probably the time when I made the most friends, and honestly, they are just amazing. A lot of times, we can be serious, but other times, we'll just be a little bit random and crazy. Like a couple of days back, for example. One minute, we were trying to have a serious meeting about something, and the next minute, I kid you not, we were having a milk chugging contest. We even had to go grab Lily's talking stuffed animal to make everyone silence down, yet still we went rambling on about how her stuffed animal can sing "Yankee Doodle Dandee."
     Even my online friends made a big impact on me, too. Chloe, Jada, Anora, Helena, Moriah, Emma and YBM, all of you lovelies, I cannot express how much you've all made me welcome to the online community in November, when I first set foot on this journey. And look where I am!
     If you want to contact me or chat with me, just leave a comment on my blog and I will try to reply ASAP. I love meeting and chatting with new people! Also, as Thanksgiving approaches, make sure to be thankful for the friends that you have. 

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