A Not-So-Typical Friday

Yesterday was an in-service no school day, but it was one of the best
things that ever happened.
Now, my brother had a structural project to present in his class,
and he chose to do Cape Hatteras, a lighthouse that is located
somewhere on the East Coast. One of the things he had to do was build
his structure. In order to do that, we had to buy materials.
Now, my mom asked if I had wanted to come. I said yes, because
one, I normally don't do anything at my house except read and write,
aNd two, I loved getting out of the house often. We left sometime
around eleven-thirty.
To look for materials, we had to go to the various art stores
around town and a party store for the light at the top of the
lighthouse. We first went to Michaels-- one of my favorite stores--
and spent about an hour look at birdhouses for the top.! Not only do
they have lots of fun art supplies that I buy to create DIY projects,
but I also love the smell of the store-- it normally smells like pines
with a hint of cinnamon. Ironically, we only go there once a year
during the holiday season.
Yup, I notced the smell. I'm kind of odd in that way.
Since we didn't find anything there, we went over to Jo-ann's,
another art store that was in our town but rarely went to because it
was just too far from where I lived in town.
Then we went over to the party store. My brother and I looked for
strobe lights. We didn't fin anything except for blacklights and light
sabers for Halloween, plus fake mustaches. For about thirty minutes,
we were watching people larping-- basically what you call a pretend
After that, we headed over to Barnes and Nobles. Since the other
book store closed down, Barnes and Nobles was the one place in town to
by all of your books, movies and music. I rarely go to book stores
nowdays, so going to this one was just mind-blowing for me. I was
light on my feet and going through the booksheleves, nearly jumping up
and crying for joy when I saw many of thebooks I wanted to read. There
was also a freebie booklet with Allegiant quotes with it! (Now then I
let out a little shriek.)
Soon, we were starving and went to a Chinese restaurant. Mmm, man
was their food good, especially their egg tarts and fried rice!
The next place we went to were the two warehouse stores--Sam's
Club and Costco! You see, I didn't recieve a birthday present yet, so
my parents were trying to get me the newest book in the Heroes of
Olympus series, House of Hades. At Costco, we didn't find it--we went
around eating the various food sampls laid out. At Sam's Club, we did
find it and now I have the book! It also has limited edition stickers.
And yes, I will fangirl over limited edition SPQR and Camp
Half-Blood stickers.
We had to go back to Michaels to chat with my mom's friend, but
as soon as we got home, I felt happy.
Now, you're probably wondering, "Why did Abby post
this? I'm happy that she is happy, but what is the darn point? People
do things like this all the time, everyday."
The reason why I'm blogging about this is because we all move
fast through our day. Even yesterday, that day went by fast. We all
have places to go, places to be. I am blogging about this because I
took the time to slow down and be grateful to do this and simply just
enjoy life. This was not a typical Friday for me. I would be at
school, probably having another milk chugging contest. That's the
reason why I loved yesterday. No two days are the same, so savor the
memories and be in the moment.