My Birthday!

                       Inline image 1

I have received:

Ten hugs, 
60+ greetings of happy birthday (verbally),
My homeroom class singing "Happy Birthday", featuring the virtually infamous boy band/group, The Unwanted,
Five glomps,
13 greetings of happy birthday (written),
a bouquet of white roses, 
a balloon,
and yet not one materialistic present, while is fine by me. :)
Apparently, I am getting more presents tomorrow. More to come!

Being greeting happy birthday
is enough for me
and even as I turn into a teenager
which are, supposedly, "emotional and kicks a lot of people",
I don't feel like a teen.
But this morning,
I felt
As if I can see things in a different way.
I am not longer a kid,
or a teen, 
I am a 
Happy Birthday to my friend and I.
We share birthdays. xD
I feel
and flying. 
Funny I feel this way.
I feel a lot like the girl in the picture above.
Make a wish.

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love this girl. <3

(P.S. sorry for the bad format and making this sound unprofessional; I have to go out to dinner!)


  1. Happy birthday tooo yooou! Happy birthday tooo yooou! You are thirteeen nooooow... And your hair is not maroooooon

    Wow, me, what a gorgeous song. :D

  2. Happy Belated BD from True!


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