Leadership Calls (Which Is Hard)

I have such lovely friends. I'd love to list all of their names out, but of course, there are privacy reasons involved, so I can't. They crack me up every single day, and never fail to amuse me. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I don't like summer vacation much; I miss them over the summer. We're all like a family who, though they bicker a lot, they get along a lot too. They're like the brothers and sisters I will never have.
     Anyways, why am talking about them?
     Today, I am going to let you have a peek at my crazy hectic life that I have, through my words and the experience I had today.
     So, about last week, around September 21st, I had an idea for a project that involved all of my friends and I. The project is kind of top secret (I sound like a little kid: "It's our top secret project!" I'm cracking up). Anyways, I told my friends online through PM, and they all agreed. PM is really the way that I can contact them; I'm only allowed to send text messages once in awhile.
     There was a lot of planning put into this. During my spare time, I was busy replying to text messages, PMs and emails, staying up until 10:30 in the evening as I wrote in many notebooks everyone's ideas. Even now, I'm still pretty tired! Finally, we finally decided to meet as a group to discuss the project during lunch inside of a classroom.
     As soon as I arrived inside of the classroom, all I saw was pure craziness. There was people playing patty cake with each other and having debates. I had to munch down my lunch rather quickly and begin the meeting.
    Now, I know what teachers have to endure every day.
    Let me just tell you right away, I am not one who likes public speaking. I'd rather be one of the people listening to the speaker, but sometimes, when I have to step up to take on the leadership role, I would calmly take the position. I didn't get why people said I had natural leadership skills; now I am beginning to understand. We had to use our binders as mallets to settle everyone down. That's how loud everyone was.
     We began to discuss the topics. It was hard, even with the "Talking Block" that my friend--who nicknamed himself Tony Stark, being such a large fan of the Iron Man movies--offered us to use. There was a lot of people being off topic, and for a good five minutes, there was debating about our characters, apple sauce and chocolate pudding. Finally, after the bell, we all left.
     There's going to be another meeting on Friday, probably. I'm nervous, in a way. After all, leadership calls.

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