Future Choices.

Hello, all of you lovely blog readers and friends!

I was trying to make a vlog for you all, but because it was taken at my school because of the camera troubles I have at my house and due to the number of times that it was photobombed by my lovely friends, I can not post it. However, I can tell you that it talked a lot about my friends and that my friends and I argued about pie a lot because I still owed my friends some. I also mentioned RPing with my real life friends on Goodreads. Some of you lovely readers got the chance to watch the video.

But lately, things have been popping up. I don't know whether to consider them good or bad things, but it will have an impact on my future.

So, I can go to a regular high school, which, all my life, I said, I'm going to that high school. I've always cheered for their football team, I took swimming lessons there, and my parents introduced me to some of their friends that teach at the high school nearby.

There's also another high school here, but it's not just a high school, it's K-12, which teaches life values (be brave, be kind, be nice, do nice acts of community service) and they do a lot more community service work. They also have individualized teaching, meaning they teach in smaller classes for people with different skill levels. Apparently, if I went to the K-12 one, I'll have a bigger chance into getting into an Ivy League college because Ivy League college always come around and visit the school. Plus, it may help me with my writing career.

I got offered to go and study at the K-12 school. Which, is scary. Because to be offered to go there is rare, and the only way you can get in is through invitation that says that you're eligible to get in. Afterwards, you have to send in the application forms and, if they do choose you, they have to go through the long process of interviewing and signing more papers. 

But if I go to a regular high school, I'll have a so-so chance of getting into a Ivy League college as everyone else here in the country.

The next problem is that if I go through K-12 school, I'd end up having to cut my connections to my friends here, because the K-12 school doesn't have connections to the other high schools, meaning that they don't do sports. If I wanted to do sports, I would have to go to another high school. But I also have some friends at the K-12 school I haven't seen in a long, long time.

I really, honestly, do not know what to think. I want to go there, but at the same time, I don 't want to leave my friends. An understatement, really; some of my friends are moving out of state, some, because of where they live, are going to another high school. One of my friends is even going to go to a boarding school down south.

Some of the writers on NaNoWriMo that I met I had asked the same question whether to go or not, and they really said that I should go to the K-12 school. Some said to go to a regular school.

Now that I think about it, this reminds me a lot like the decision Jane Arrowood makes in  Formerly Shark Girl has to make about what to major in college, whether it was art or nursing. I don't wish to spoil the story for anyone who wants to read it, but do you know what she chooses?

She chooses the choice that would make her the happiest.

Now, I have to decide this before September. I hope that if I do have to choose, and when you have to choose a choice that would change your life, like accepting which college or school to go to, that it would somehow be the choice that makes us happiest, and that are, according to us, will be our preferable choice, the choice that we want, not the choice of that someone else wants. It should also be the choice that will lead you to the right direction.

After all, the choices that we make do impact us.

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