August 30th: Field Trip To The Park

Friday. The field trip.

     Well, let me tell you, I did not know what to think of this. Last year, in seventh, everyone was signed up to go to the field trip to the same place, but then the rain poured and we got to stay in watching homemade videos and movies and run around the lunch room.

     This field trip had its ups and downs, to be honest (and no pun intended)!

     On the permission slip, it said that we would be walking, as the place was a park and it was in walking distance. What I and everyone did not know is that we would be walking through the trail in the woods, sill damp and muddy from the rain that was pouring a couple of days back. I had (luckily) decided to wearing hiking shoes. The next thing we knew, many from our team were jumping, complaining and groaning.

     Once we entered the field, we saw lots of paper plates taped onto skewers that were in the ground. At first, I thought that they were plates that we already set for us, since it was a barbecue. Later, as the teachers told us to line up by height and paired everyone up in groups of three, tying our feet together like they do in three-legged races, did we realize that we had to go around and answer questions that were taped on them! The top three groups with the highest amount of answers correct got prizes!

    After around thirty minutes of walking around with two others from my team, we ate lunch. Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, chips, soda and cookies! Three awesome people that shall be named nameless (because of privacy reasons) braided my hair into this really beautiful braid as we waited in line. I even took a photo of it. 

    As soon as lunch was done, I got to go around more and take pictures of people, being one of the students in the yearbook class. I got to take an entire group picture of all of my friends that I made last year, which is neat. One of the things that I got to take pictures of people running around holding blankets behind their heads, which I also got to do (which, trust me, is amazing).

    At the end, I found out that my group won the race, which was amazing. I won a pen! To some, that may not seem like much, but I love any sort of writing related utensils and objects. :)

    On the way back, I bumped into one of my old friends from the Shakespeare theater club last year which lasted for three weeks. I didn't expect that we would talk so much about so many things, but again, it has been awhile.

    Well, what's happened to all of you these past couple of days? Post in the comments below!