Over The Past Couple Of Weeks....

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the delay in me posting; the internet has been pretty rough where I live lately, so many of my post will be written during school, before school starts and during my lunch break. I'll need to catch up to speed on what has happened over the past couple of weeks.

The couple of weeks I've been going to construction and robotics camp, as some of you may know from me chatting and emailing you. I also went to this cultural festival that happens in town every single year, and I tried out a lot of stuff, though mainly Greek food. Spanakopita, a Greek spinach pie with cheese, is very yummy. I also tried some Athenian chick wings. In a future post, I'll be able to post some pictures from all three of these events.

On the 21st, school started. I admit, I was having my worries and doubts. A lot of the people that I met last year, who are simply amazing, weren't in some of my classes. Luckily, I still see them everyday, from time to time. On the first day of school, I was literally squealing with some of my friends, jumping up and down. We haven't seen each other over the summer, so I could not help but jump up and down. 
My teachers this year are simply amazing. They are each comedians, and I could not help but trying to stop myself from laughing out loud in the middle of class. Lunch, for the first week, was different from what normally happens. Normally, our entire group of friends would get passes to the library. From there, we would all either play UNO, or, in my case sometimes, work on homework.

One of my big worries that I have are the level of my classes, especially Geometry and Orchestra. Last year, I was in Algebra, which was a bit of a struggle for me. I wasn't able to do Orchestra, due to the fact that I had to choose two non-musical electives. I know I have to step up my game, somehow. Next year I will be in high school, and I know that I need to start developing the maturity and responsibility habits I need. 
Some of my friends moved away, which does make me a bit sad. One of my friends hasn't even shown up yet, which is kind of surprising. They love sports, and honestly, I'm a bit worried.

I also gave some advice on the Discovery Girl website! There are a lot of girls who are starting middle school, and I know that it's nerve-wracking. For those who are starting middle school, do not worry! Here is some of my advice to you that I also wrote on the site:

"Hi, Anonymous! I know exactly what you're going through-- last year, in seventh grade, was my first year in middle school, and I was trembling all over on the first day! I wasn't with any of my friends in any of my classes, which made me a bit more nervous. But don't worry! Everyone goes through this sooner or later. Middle school, believe it or not, will be one of the best times in your life. You will make new friends and grow physically, mentally and emotionally. I have a couple pieces of advice for you. My first piece of advice is to hold your head high and stay strong and calm. Everyone gets the middle school/first day jitters. We will all face tough, nerve-wracking times in life, but once it is over, then we can breathe a sigh of relief. My second piece of advice to you is to smile and raise your hands in class, even if you aren't completely sure of the answer. Your teachers will appreciate the effort you're making and appreciate the fact that you're trying to get into the class's discussion! Also, it gives the teachers and everyone else a good impression. My third piece of advice is to not judge people by their covers! In fifth grade, I met and had to sit by three people who I all judged by their appearance, but as I got to know them better, they were actually really nice, and now, the three are some of my closest friends! My final piece of advice to you is to smile, be nice and most importantly, be yourself. I did this on the first day of school and structure destruction camp, and I made a lot of friends. People will truly and genuinely appreciate and see who you are. Just remember that you are beautiful, inside and out, you shine, you are important and most importantly, that you are unique and original. Who knows, after a couple days or weeks, you'll have a lot of new friends and will have middle school down in no time! I hope that you will go through your first days and weeks of middle school smoothly. Stay strong and wonderful! –Morning"

Well, I must go. I hope all of you still bear with me—I promise I will try to update more!