"Two Thoughts, Two Different Opinions" Feature With Guest Jada: Harry Potter!

Last night, my friend, Jada of the blog Writer Girl and I were chatting about Harry Potter, since I was watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". So, we decided to write down our questions and see how much we're alike and different. The red is my friend, Jada, while the orange is me.

1) How has Harry Potter impacted your life?

J: Well, I only began reading the books near the end of 2012 and finished them in early January of 2013, I've been a sort of on/off fan girl about the books. I have an amazing friend who's read the books, let's say, at least 20 times. She also owns the movies. I've definitely considered rereading the books and I love to watch the movies over and over. Anyway, that friend of mine, she made fake Harry Potter wands, they're so much fun! At the craft fair, she was selling them, I bought one, then traded her my poem book for another, hehe. Another table was also selling wands and I bought one. So now I have three! And guess what, they're all read! Yay! Anyway, I was being such a fangirl/nerd that I brought them to the movie with me when we went to see Dispicable Me 2 today and was "Avada Kedarva"ing my family over and over while mentally planning a blog post on being Voldemort. So, Harry Pottter kind of came late in my life, due to the fact that I ignored my friend and my mom when they kept pushing me to read the books, and I HATED watching the movies, but now, I love Harry Potter, it's awesome!

M: Harry Potter has impacted my life a whole lot. After reading the book, Marisol by Gary Soto, in second grade, I became an avid reader. I also grew up, watching the Harry Potter movies, but I did not make any connection with the movies. When I heard there were books, I was like, "I have to read those!" Instantly I became a fan. As much as my cousins hated it, I still became loved the Wizarding World. I would be buried in the Harry Potter books, wishing, when I turned eleven, I would be invited to Hogwarts. J.K. Rowling's writing was just that believable. Most importantly, thanks to the books, they have helped me take those steps from becoming a reader into a writer. So yes, the Harry Potter books are that significant in my life.
2) When did you first find out about Harry Potter? Who told you about it?
J: Like I stated above, I began reading the books in the end of 2012, but that wasn't exactly when I discovered them. I'm pretty sure it was like 2008 or 2009, when my mom began pushing me to read them. I absolutely despised Harry Potter, though. My younger sister and my Mom would watch the movies, and I'd just sit around playing on my iPod or reading a book or whatever. I even remember all the recordings of Harry Potter movies and this one time when the goblin scene with Professor Lockhart was playing in the background as I did whatever I was doing back when I was 8 or 9. My mom kept trying to get me to read them, but I thought they were so boring. Plus, did you know, I completely hated reading until the middle of 5th grade, just a few years ago. Finally, just last year, in sixth grade, I decided to give the books a try. And I wouldn't be as big of a Harry Potter fan without my friend without her, she's the one who made the wands and has read the books 20+ times.

M: I think that it was when I was six. When I went to Walmart, there was this huge desk in the middle of the the store filled with Harry Potter movies, because it was a promotion for the final book in the series. I remember my Mom leading us to the desk and staying there for a long time. We got Harry Potter posters with illustrations fom the books. I even remember getting a plastic wristband that said "Ravenclaw." I didn't know what it meant then, but I was like, "That's cool!" There were also these "funny, yet scary, looking books," that were inside my brother's room (known then as the storage room, since me and my brother shared a room then) that my parents bought when I was younger. My parents hoped that we would read them, but then I was in kindergarten. Around second, I also watched the movies, but, as I said before, I made no connection to the books and the movies. Soon, in third grade, I pulled them out from the shelf and read them. I fell in love with the books and loved them ever since.

3) Do you like the couple pairings that the author made, in the end?

J: I'm completely fine with them. I expected Harry and Ginny to end up together, but I also would have liked Harry and Hermione. They're perfect together and were the best of friends, always there for each other. But I'm also glad that that stayed the way it is. I'm also so, so relieved that the Lavender and Ron thing is over. Oh my gosh, Won Won, seriously? But anyway I'm really happy that Harry and Ginny named their children after all the people that impacted their life. My friend was writing a fanfic about Lily Jr., it was interesting. Actually, I didn't understand it before I read the Harry Potter books, but now that I've read them, it's really good and well written. Hehe. And now that I've read the books, I can definitely see why everyone is so obsessed over Harry Potter. :)

M: I actually do. At first, I was extremely shocked that Hermione and Ron were paired up instead of Harry and Hermione, which I had hoped for, but then I realized that the two would actually be a good pairing. The two have had some trouble in the past. In the sixth book, that's when I realized that they were in love with one another and they didn't want to admit it, with Lavender Brown falling for Ron. (That really scared me.)As for Harry and Ginny, I also was shocked that they were a couple, but I ended up appreciating it. The two, like Ron and Hermione, both have a past that go a while back, but I do have to say I was surprised when their relation popped up in the final book out of the blue.
4) And finally, which character are you mostly like?

J: I'd have to say Hermione. I'm one of the smartest kids in my class, I nag my parents all the time about being late for things, but I'm also a cat lover. I'm there for my friends, too, and I'm bossy sometimes around my sister. I've taken a few online tests, and they've said I'd be Dumbledore, Sirius, Luna, and I think Snape, they've also said Hermione. I think I have a little bit of all those characters in me. Also, on Pottermore, which is J.K. Rowling's official test, I was placed in Gryfindorr (did I spell that right?). I'm pretty brave, considering I'm no longer afraid of spiders and I went down a 100 foot drop water slide. Actually, I think I'm most known for my writing, bravery, and brains. Hehe. ^.^ So, yeah.

M: I have to say, after a long time of thinking while writing down my other answers, I would mostly be like Hermione Granger. Like Hermione, in the first book, I was a high-achiever, placing my studies first, and I couldn't tolerate rule breaking. I would do my homework while waiting for the van to pick me and my brother up, and, if I didn't get it finished then, I would work on it as soon as the after-school activity was done. Also, whenever I heard people breaking rules, I would be shocked. Like Hermione, I am also really supportive of my friends and, out of all of my friends, I would be the brainiac. Whenever my friends needed help on their classwork or homework, I would help them and also have the knowledge that they need. I'm also on the smart teams at my school. "You're a lifesaver," my friends would say, and she is the lifesaver out of the three. I'm really supportive of my friends too; I'm known to be loyal and there 24/7! I also used to be afraid to show how smart I was, but she made being smart and bookworm cool. And, besides Hermione, I'm a little bit like Luna Lovegood-- for that strange curiosity in her eyes-- and Ginny Weasly who is fought as nails, having six brothers and being the only girl in the family. I also have lots of curiosity and I'm tougher than most girls out there.
Do you like this feature? Do you want this to continue? Let me know in the comments! And thank you so much once again, Jada, for doing this with me!
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