School Is Approaching!

I am super sorry I haven’t been able to post anything lately; I’ve been busy camping and writing my novel! 
      School is approaching—and fast. Several of my friends and I were chatting online (since I am not allowed to visit their houses sometimes) about school. Here is a conversation I had with them two nights ago:

Me: Finally! I haven't seen you two in forever!!!!! 
N: :D
M: Yeah I've never been so excited for school!!!!!!! ^.^ 
Me: Really? I had to clean out my binder from last year. I miss seventh grade..... haha, and Icarus and Daedalus, who sacrificed their lives for a good cause. RIP to you. :P 
M: Absolutely!! (I can't believe so many people remember that!!!) I had soo much fun at that family fun night btw ^.^ 
Me: Me too! That was one of the best days ever!!!! Eating beans. Me and Nadia ran around the school during the first 30 minutes, trying to get people's attention. The. Only. Time. To. Run. In. The. Hallways. Awesome. Registration is like on the sixth, I think. 
N: SOOO FUN!!! 8D 
Me: I know, right? I'd love to do that again..... *is daydreaming* 
To be honest with you, I’m pretty excited too. I can’t wait! Last year was pretty nerve-wracking on the first day—I was shaking in my seat for the first fifteen minutes.  Here are some of the things that I am looking forward to:

    Seeing My Friends—my friends at school are like my second family. I met tons of new people and now have a bunch of new friends after several weeks of school. There was never a day where I came home, not laughing from the hilarious jokes and fun times we had. My friends from elementary and I would be in the library, playing the ultimate game of Uno. My new friends would be singing happy birthday to the birthday celebrant. 
     Getting Out Of The House More – I don’t get out much in the summer, except to go to the YMCA and fishing. In the school year, I am constantly busy going to various places. I have dance, teen writing meetings at the library, sports meets, before/after school activities such as the Shakespeare theater group and Battle of the Books. This year, I also have National Junior Honor Society (they accepted me in!) and swimming. Another thing I have on my plate are my mini community projects that I do over the school year. You can say I’m a very busy, but actively involved person.
     Head Start—I am doing Geometry this year! A lot of people are doing Pre-Algebra and Algebra, so it feels good to get ahead. I might get my credits early if I pass this year!
Of course, there are some bad things that I am not looking forward to. They are:
     Sacrificing My Lunchtime – for large amounts of homework and meetings for some of the activities I will be signing up for. Lunch time is my free time; the only 30 minutes I get to get a huge leap and start on homework. 
    Drama—I am not a huge fan of the gossip that happens at school, so I try to steer clear of it. This year is going to be quite harder though; I might get pulled in because my cousin is moving to my school, and he gets involved with a lot of the happenings around here.
     Less Time To See Friends—because of schoolwork and such.

Well, anyways, I have to go. As for my novel right now, my work out is 22,319, but I still can catch up. Swimming had just started, and I have the same two teachers as I did the first class of swimming at the community center! They’re a lot nicer and supportive than they were last time. I think it’s because they don’t have to be strict around us, unlike last time, they were telling us to not bob are heads under the surface. 
    Ciao, my friends! 
   (P.S If you could tell me some suggestions for school clothing that I could wear, please tell me. I am going shopping for school clothing, and I am not sure what to buy because buying clothes is one of the hardest things I could do.)
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