Trying New Things In Life :)

On Friday last week, one of my friends gave this pep talk to me about life. We were chatting about camps, and the next thing you know, she gave me an entire lecture about life. It can be found here. The lecture was about how I should live the life I want, and that you should show people who you are. She said, “How are you going to live your life if you live inside the limits of what others consider to be the right path for you? You have to show them who you are.”
     And, right before I left, she told me this, “Things will get better if you stop and look at what you are allowed to do, what you can improve, instead of what you can't.”
      So I did exactly these things.
     I made an effort, for once, to take a nap. Like I said before in previous posts, I'm about average height, but I want to grow taller. So, I made the effort to do so.
     As much as I dislike going to garage sales, I went two of them. And I got to admit, I'm happy I did. Because one, I saw my friend, Daniela. She's a girl from school,  that was on my team in seventh grade. She's also in my gym period, and I play volleyball with her sometimes. She laughs whenever I dive for the ball, saying I "look dramatic diving for the ball, as if your life mattered on it."
    The other garage sale that I went to was hosted by a Korean Methodist church, and they were cooking lots of food! Normally, I'm scared to try new foods, but that day, I did. I ate dumplings, a piece of my brother's sweet n' sour chicken and drank Italian soda!!!!

I'm so happy today, too. I'm now listening to "Brave" by Sara Bareilles, and it's how you should say what you want to say and be brave saying them. I'm loving the song. :)


  1. HI! I'm a new reader...... and a new blogger...... Could you please tell me where you got you blog template! I wont copy, I would just like to find a template thats simple but cute. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Um, to be honest with you, someone made the template for me. But if you want, I can contact her and ask. What's your blog called and what's it about? I'd love to read it! If you want, you can send me a link. :) best wishes to you! -Morning

    2. Hi Morning! Yes please! Just wondering if the template will have a fee... My blog is I would really like a plain white template. The others weren't that nice... -YBM :)

  2. What a neat blog! I saw that you followed my little community via "google +" so I just had to stop by and visit your blog. I followed via bloglovin'. Could you stop and give me a follow too? thanks :)

    1. Thanks Jenna! I'd really love to follow your blog, but until I to find out what's wrong with my browser because it keeps on shutting down whenever I go on Bloglovin. :( -Morning


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