It's summer!
    I'm just jumping for joy.
    I'm finally learning how to swim. Finally, after what happened last summer! I drowned in my aunt's sisters' pool. My two teachers who were thinking about putting me in a lower level said I was doing extremely good today. Plus, I caught the eye of the Swimming Stroke School (what they call the class who wants to be on the swim team) teacher!
    And (sadly), although my neighbors are moving, the same ones who made the neighborhood kids' summers a lot more fun, I'm playing with them and seeing them a lot more often than during the school year. One of the fun things we did last year is we got every single kids to go run around the neighborhood singing "The Summer Song", a silly song we made up.
    Yup, I'm "playing." The oldest out of the five sisters is just one year younger than me. And although playing seems a little bit of a younger term for someone my age, I need to enjoy every single second hanging out and playing with them, because I might not see them again.
     There's also a neighborhood picnic coming up this summer!
     This summer is looking great, really.


  1. Hi!! Will you be going to the Discovery Girls summit in California?

    1. Hi random girl! To be honest, I haven't gotten an email from Discovery Girls. I am still praying really hard to get in, though.

    2. Hi, Random Girl! I still haven't gotten an email from Discovery Girls yet, but I am still praying and hoping. Although my chances still are slim, I'm going to stay optimistic and keep on believing because that's just who I am, looking positively at things. At the end of every storm is sunshine and a rainbow, right?


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