Bravery Throughout Our Lives + GFC

So, d'you know in my last post, I was talking about this song called "Brave", by Sara Bareilles? Well, I had no idea that it'd affect me just like. A lot. And throughout the time I was gone, I actually did a lot of brave stuff. Sorta, anyways.
     I'm not afraid of water anymore. I passed and I'm going onto the next level! Which is very exciting, considering the fact that I panicked and drowned last year in nine foot water at New York. Take that, water!  
     I didn't get into the Discovery Girls summit, but that's okay! I accept that. And there are many other
    But last week, I overheard some people while my family was out for pizza say something really mean. I didn't eavesdrop; the people were really loud when they were talking. One, from what I can piece together, one of the guys was a nurse, the other, I presume, was his wife. They said something mean about one of the patients.
    Well, to be honest, I was angry. I've worked with kids with special needs while in sixth grade, volunteering to help them out during their gym class. And honestly? I was mad. It's not their fault that they were born with special needs. Even if they are special-ed or disabled children or adults, they are still just like us. They still can reach their goals and dreams and do amazing things, like I read in a magazine.
    And also, there's was a Filipino festival in Downtown, so my parents took me and my brother there. It was amazing. There were a lot of kids that we performing, including one of my guy friends (an awesome friend of mine, I'm so lucky to be friends with him) and my cousin (who actually danced pretty well).
     While I was watching, I said one of my thoughts allowed: "I want to perform next year."
     Well, my parents, for one, actually supported the idea! I thought that they weren't going to (last year, they didn't let me do any music electives)! And they said I sang pretty good. I wasn't sure about that though. And then they said, "Yeah? So you sing in your room. They probably took voice lessons, but you sound really good even without taking lessons. Look at Danielle Bradbury. She didn't take any voice lessons, just sang in her room, and look how she turned out." Danielle Bradbury won the four season of "The Voice". She's only sixteen.
     I said, "If I can only boost my confidence up." I'm really insecure about my voice.
     So now, I'm thinking about posting my videos up online. On which site, I'm not sure. I asked my mom, and she said, "Go ask your dad." Which now, I am planning to do in the next several days. Even though this is probably really scary, I'm going to ask anyways. If you really want something, you're going to have to work your way up to it and go through the obstacles, even if it scares you.
     Also, I heard rumors that GFC (Google Friend Connect) is shutting down. if you can, can you please follow by Bloglovin? I'm on there!

-Best wishes, everyone! <3 Morning


  1. Such an inspiring post! I really don't know why the couple had to be so mean...... Are you a Filipino? Do you live in the Philipines, Morning? -YBM :)

    1. Yes, I'm Filipino, but I moved to the US when I was really young. I used to speak Filipino too, but now I can just understand it. :) -Morning

    2. Wow!! Really?! I am a Filipino too! Only difference is, I am currently living in the Philippines. Never been out of Asia, only around it. What's it like there? Have you ever visited the Philippines?


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