All Around Town

Yesterday was busy. So busy, that I had only time to take one picture.

Today, there was my neighborhood picnic. My family invited over my cousins. It was kinda awkward at first, since there were mainly adults chatting. Sure, there were kids, but they were all younger than me. The next door neighbors said that they would come, but they didn't (mainly because they were fixing things at their new house, which I understand). 
      Then came the boys from the southwest of our neighborhood.
      They're the guys that, during the school year, are never out, but during the summer, are out 24/7. They're mainly all a year younger than me. They're different compared to our neighborhood, where all of us go outside every single day after school and during the summer as often as we can.
     They came over and drank a lot of the soda. Even though I was the only girl that was there among all of the kids in my age group, they were still pretty nice. Several of them were going to middle school, so they we were mainly chatting about the electives and which classes to go to.
     I also chatted with my neighbor, who was surprised that of what grade I was actually going to, since it's been awhile since I last saw her.
     And, after watching a video from someone on NaNo sing for the first time in public, and she's inspired me so much to perform in next year's talent show! I'm not sure what to sing, but I might sing "True Colors", since I'm always daydreaming to sing that song in public.
    Well, until next time,

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