The Last Day of Seventh Grade!

I loved the last day of school.
     Today, there were only seven 20-minute periods, and each of were AMAZING!!!
     First: Algebra. There were various card games that were out, I, like the other half of the class, decided to play UNO, which was one of the funniest, craziest rounds that I have ever played of this game in my entire life. There was a lot of gum-chewing, shouting, Nerds spilling on the floor and random comments.
     Second: Science. The science intern teacher was back!!! I was super happy, and I nearly cried. As normally, I was my bubbly outgoing self, going back and forth across the room to talk to many of my friends and let them sign my yearbooks. The intern wrote in my yearbook to, and left a nice comment, saying that I was a “young woman who will do great things in the 8th grade”!
     Third: Gym. People were allowed to have their phones out and take last minute pictures, which I did for two minutes, then sketched dinosaurs on my friends’ yearbooks (they didn't mind).
     Then, we had an awards assembly. I didn't get an award, but that was okay. Everyone else that I saw who had the award, I said, “Yup, they deserved it!” Although there are about 400+ 7th graders in my grade, we all knew each other by our names.
      Afterwards, we had lunch. For those last forty-five minutes was total silence except my two best friends and I laughing at the pictures.
     Fourth: Language Arts. We had a long lecture about life, and how, that if one person took what he said to heart of the ninety-four, then it would be fine for him. (I am going to be that one person.) It was about how if we strive hard, we’d be able to achieve our goals in life. He said that in order to be an expert at something, you have to work 10,000 quality hours every single day, an hour a day. He also gave us an advice sheet that Bill Gates may have mentioned.
     Fifth, Social Studies: We watched videos, like we normally did during our “Fun Fridays.” We watched four of them: a one-wheeled motorcycle, a marriage proposal, a car driving through a raging river and one about the everyday superheroes in our lives doing the craziest, extraordinary things.
     Sixth, Art (part of the Exploratory Rotation elective): We played “Dry Eraser Basketball Dunking”. I nearly got in.... barely. Our team lost by one point, but that was okay.
Everyone ran out like THIS. ^^
 Seventh: Everyone hung out. I drew on the whiteboard instead. The teacher gave out candy.
    There was also a large carnival outside, with three main activities to do: The obstacle course, Dunking (the game where people throw at a target and when they hit, the teachers drop into a large tub of water),  and Sumo Wrestlers! I did Dunking first, which I nearly hit the target.... and missed! I was really slow at the Obstacle Course, while I didn’t get to do Sumo Wrestling, simply back two of my friends found out that I had candy in my pocket from seventh period, and they began to chase me.
     Then came the final event of the day: THE DANCE!
     For the first five minutes, no one was dancing. Everyone sat on the bleachers.
     I wanted to go super bad, but I didn’t want to dance alone. Then, some of my friends came up and we all made a “dance circle”, a group of friends, in the form of a circle, dancing together. Sure, we danced horribly while a lot of other people sat in the bleachers in the entire time, but at least we had fun. There was partner dancing to old songs like “Jailhouse Rock”, single dancing to the newer songs like “Gangnam Style”, to old party favorites like “The Cupid Shuffle” and to songs we learned to dance to like “The Electric Slide.”
     Apparently, one of my friends said, “I’m not allowed to dance.” Later though, I saw him dancing in the bleachers. He claimed to have “a sugar spasm attack.”

    At the end of the day, one of the teachers read a poem, and everyone began to start crying because it nearly time to go and we all wouldn't have been able to see each other until next year. I sat with my friends and we were all hugging and saying our goodbyes (to my guy friends I shook their hands).
     Seventh grade taught me a whole lot, and really, I couldn't have thought of any other way to end the school year other than this way.


  1. That sounds like so much fun.

  2. Naw this post made me smile. Seems like a great way to end the year, meanwhile I'm only term 2 (not even half done) haha. Are you middle school? Wow I have 6 50 minute lessons!!!

    1. Thanks. :) Whoa, how long is your school year?! I am in middle school, even though I was supposed to be in sixth this year. I started early. They were nearly going to pull me back a grade, then realized that I was smart enough to continue on. I'm in the Gifted classes in my grade too, and I'm doing them next year too. They're pretty hard classes, bit I love them.

  3. Wow! Seven periods?! I only have five at my school! It sounds like you had a really fun time. :)

    1. I did! Five periods? Neat! What are they? I had seven classes, five main (including gym) and two electives in this order Algebra I, Science 6, P.E, English, Geography, Exploratory Rotation, Journalism and Law Studies (These were semester long.) :D


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