The In-School "Field Trip"

Okay, so the field trip wasn't exactly how everyone planned it to be.
      Thursday morning (when we were supposed to have the field trip), rain was pouring down really hard. There were warnings that it may possibly snow (in the middle of May?! No!). I still thought that we were going, until my friend, who carried a HUGE bag of soccer balls, and I went upstairs and someone said, "We're not going to the field trip."
       For a moment, I was going to say, "Now, wait a moment. Back up! How come we're not going?" Then I realized it was the same reason why my Mom and I were talking about rain coats in the car.
       I got into class, and my first period teacher said that everyone on our team will watch two movies, one first and second and the other in third and fourth, and that there will be different movies showcasing in each of our team's five different classes. It was awkward watching "Old Dogs" and "Jumanji" (a kinda creepy old movie), eating muffins and drawing penguins on the board in class while the rest of the school was forced to study for finals, but I didn't mind.
      Our lunch was taken place during fifth period, and hour and a half after our normal lunch time. Everyone got three slices of pizza. I got awesome pepperoni! There was also soda and chips, but those I couldn't eat since I've gotten braces a month ago.
      Afterwards, along with one of my friends, we asked if we were allowed in the gym. Sadly, my scary 4th period teacher (aka "Voice") screamed at us no, even though we didn't do anything wrong.
      But that was okay. Along with a lot of kids that are in our team's first period English class, we played truth or dare. One of my friends gave a dare (I thought of this as kind of scary and a bit odd) to hug fifteen random people that he knew, including teachers. I was against this idea, until the same friend who went up with me said, "Let's play Human Knot!"
      The object of Human Knot is simply, really: in a group of five or more, you grab two individuals hands, and without letting go of their hands, the group must all end up untangled. This game was hard, yet absolutely fun. I was laughing hysterically, something that hasn't happened in the last couple of MONTHS.
      Afterwards, we went go to our seventh period class.
      What I need to say out of this is: expect the unexpected. Sometimes, your plans may not go exactly as you planned. But that's okay. Life has it's ups and downs. And the second thing I have to say out of this is that, sometimes, some things are made way to the side so that way, good things can be recieved. You do know what I mean, right?